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some advice to girls who are in love part 2

some advice to girls who are in love part 2

By heartless212

and whenever I walked through the hallways, I would walk alone, and hear whispering, "oh look, there's the whore." Then, soon enough I found out that he had sent the naked pictures to all of his friends. When I got home, I got a text from him saying that he was breaking up with me. I cried the whole entire night. I was so sad, I found a blade of glass and cut myself. I just wanted to die. A couple days later, I found out he started going out with jade,the girl who was my bestfriend in the seventh grade. I figured out why she wanted me to dump him. She wasjealous.. It really hurt me because I loved him and he said he never loved me at all. I took a rope, tied it to the ceiling, and was about to hang myself. But then I thought... why am I gunna do this if I know he's gunna get karma and it will happen to him. I just want to see him suffer all the pain I have rightnow. I'm still in the eighth grade, its a new year though. My new years revolution is to help people my age to not send naked pics or let a guy take advantage of you. Or you'll end up like me. Bullied, unwanted and suicidal. My mom took me to a counselor to get a check up to see how things are going, because my mom found the cuts and scars on my arm. The counselor told me I had really bad depression. I'm getting counseing pretty soon and I might get to be a model next year. I know that everythings going to get better. I just hope so </3

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16 Jan, 2013
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