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Some one is watching

Some one is watching

By Storyteller

"Girl, Why you gotta be so rude To Tarah? " Asked Brisanna Darcy's Best friend since 6th grade .Darcy Rolled her eyes in stress " I don't like her , remember when she told me About Hakeem's Crush ." Darcy Opened her locker as Brisanna watched Her .Somehow Brisanna could feel the pain of her Man liking some one else . "Don't let it bother you , Well gotta head to Class ." Brisanna whispered As she walked away. After Class Darcy Walked with Brisanna And Hakeem .

But not a word was said Between Darcy and Hakeem. "So Darcy , Are you gonna sing for the Singing Group ? Today At 6:50 ? " Hakeem Stuttered. Darcy Looked into his Hazel Eyes She could still feel something for him .But all that came out her mouth was "I have no one to take Me , I have to watch Jamee To make sure she doesn't Run away Like Last time .And Mom wants to go with dad To a dinner ." Darcy Then looked at his eyes and could see he felt Upset . Brisanna Then Shouted "Hey! Maybe I can take you In my dad's Pick up truck ? " Brisanna Smiled Looked like she was trying to help Darcy .Darcy Smiled " Really ?? " She asked again .Brisanna Then Laughed And gave Darcy a hug " Of course! " She Answered .

It was Just About to be time For Brisanna to pick her up . Darcy Had On some Black skinny Jeans. With Black Sneakers . Her hair was in a pony tail And her shirt Was white wth A strap to hold it Brisanna Plan Was to take Jamee with Darcy , Then Brisanna would keep an eye On Jamee while Darcy and Hakeem sang .

Jamee Was listening to her Ipod . "Darcy why do i have to go ? " Jamee said ,Jamee was in the 8th grade But looked older .Jamee was always More Confident And was a cheerleader she really didn't care if she got in trouble "Yes Jamee .Look this seems important to Hakeem So imma be there to support him ." Jamee Just Rolled her eyes And enjoyed the last .......

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About This Story
4 Feb, 2012
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1 min
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