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Someone I Used to Know
Someone I Used to Know

Someone I Used to Know

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Dear Someone I Used To Know,

It’s been a while since we talked. Since we really talked. I get it, you’re busy with your new life. But does that mean you need to abuse your old friend? I shouldn’t even care. Shouldn’t even think about it. But the more I do, the more it bothers me. How easily you left, not physically. But in the way the light that once shone when you saw me went out, and the way that you no longer left me voicemails in my inbox which you knew I’d open the next morning. No, instead it’s me who leaves a dozen messages a day, wondering if maybe today you’ll answer. Maybe today you’ll remember me. But you never do.

Sometimes I feel like a lost puppy. I really shouldn’t care. But I do. I care a lot. And you don’t care at all. I don’t get why everything I think about comes back to this. I see a boy in the parking lot loading his groceries into his car, and all I think is you. You standing there towering over me and shooting a quick smile. You pushing me in that shopping cart down the aisle like you used to. And then, when there’s nothing, I think about how you’re gone.

You left me. It’s still hard for me to come to terms with. Gosh, I don’t know what to think anymore. One day I thought we’d be friends until the day we died. The next? You’re off to new friends and new adventures. I know, I know I sound ridiculously immature. I know. I can’t help the rambling and the late nights spent stuffing my mouth with too much chocolate and watching Netflix until I pass out. I know. It’s stupid. I know I shouldn’t feel this way. But maybe what I felt was more than friendship. Maybe I feel in love with you. And maybe, just maybe you broke my heart.


Me The One You Left

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11 Dec, 2017
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