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Accidental Universe

Accidental Universe

By djreed7100 - 1 Review

'Therefore, hello, thank you and, what's for lunch,' are some of the words I hear from them. I cannot make out much more given various obstacles between us.  I have to creep closer.  The room is black.  The only visible light seen is from under the strong yet flexible cardboard room divider stretched out to capacity.  I have to hear this!  I must creep closer.  My movements now rival those of a sloth.  Slowly and intermittently now sounds become words then sentences.  Then BAM!.  I knocked my dance partner to the floor.  The science room's world globe is experiencing gravity issues.  All words stop!  Awkward pause.  Random voices start to sing in unison, 'what was that!?'  Followed by, 'did you here something?'  I force myself to pause on my tippy toes.  My foot fails and falls flat to the ground as snow falls from the peaks.  Precarious situation indeed.  All somebody has to do is simply walk next door, open it and peek abo, here I am.  Where do I hide?  Two lab tables shining off whatever available light with their corners wrapped in silver plated metal provide little cover.  Just then the  door accelerates in to the ajar position.  Shit!  I say mentally several times.  I suddenly feel the urge to piss.  It goes away.  A random voice hollers back to the crowd, 'I don't see anything, it's nothing!'  That was close.  In the back of my mind now I hear words from those who have possessed authoritarian roles in my life, teachers, parents and cops, 'you can't have your cake and eat it too.'  Now I am hungry.  Something's got to give. They proceed with their respective leisurely ways and again start chatting. 

Mr. Snyder and Ms. Byrnes must be against the divider, they're voices are clear.  I hear Ms. Byrnes say loud enough so the others can hear, 'you know,' she takes a sip of coffee, 'I saw him just outside a few minutes ago reading poetry to a cute little freshman by the cafeteria.'  Mr. Jones chimes in, 'and he was acting it all out as well.  I witnessed that performance and you can say one thing.'  'What's that,' said Ms. Goida.    'Gumption,'  Mr. Jones plainly states this while executing a little fist pump.   Ms. Pachuta say's, 'more like DUMBtion, he failed his mid term.'  Laughter ensues amongst the faculty.  I feel elevated.  This is valuable information certainly.  If ever I am in a fix with one of them, I'll enter in to play to the fact that I have gumption.   They will never put two and two together.  Students put two and together, not teachers.  They merely lay them down for our designs.  I've heard enough, I don't want to get caught.  As I tip toe back away from the partition I hear voices dissipate and their door closes.  Close one.

I head in to the hallway and see Ms. Byrnes, beautiful Ms. Byrnes and head her way.  She is talking to some history teacher, Mr. Snyder, who also is the basketball coach.  Up thrust a wave of jealousy.  He must have a thing for her.  Neither are married.  I am not married either I quickly reckon to myself.  Evidently this convinces me.  I bee line it straight for them.  Mr. Snyder notices that I am coming towards them.  He hands Ms. Byrnes a book,  Mr. Snyder then head nods me and in retreat and demands out, 'see you in gym B after school, alright Sean, gym B?'   I head nod back only. I turn to her smiling.  Ms. Byrnes,  'so Sean, do you have that report done yet?"  'Almost, yea almost,' I spit out.  That was awkward and immature I have ruined it.  I perform miracles with my tongue and lips to formulate, 'I have a bit of research left,' to side step.  No I don't.  She crams in and declares, 'you have to know your facts.'  The fact is I am very much in love with you, I want to say.  I have dirty thoughts about you and beautiful ones.  All kinds of thoughts, I'd like to add but, no, I don't.  

'You know Sean, I am having a few students stay after classes today to do research in the library, why don't you come?'  A speeding bullet would have no chance at answering her back faster, 'yea, no no,.,..yea sounds good, right?'  I am nervous and suddenly forget what day it is.  "Yes Mr. Reed today, 3 o'clock, in the main library, conference room three.  She reaches for a piece of paper, 'here I'll write it down.'  Like a deer in head lights, I don't know what to do or say.  I say nothing.  I am carrying three bulky text books with my left arm and holding a gym bag in my right arm.  Ms. Byrnes rips the piece of paper from it's source, folds it once, firmly.  'Here so you don't forget.'  I have no hand to accept this gift.   She notices this.  She smiles somewhat naughty like and motions with her for me to turn around.  Ms. Byrnes checks all sights within her field of vision, it's all clear she must have said to herself due to the fact that her next move is her arm extending to my ass where she tucks the paper into my back pocket.  She follows with gives a couple taps, see you at three.  I don't answer, we're holding eyes and that's all we need. 

I head back through the masses.  I Half turn, walk straight, half turn again then squeeze through two blonds and drop my pencil.  I sleep mostly through the next three periods, yawn.  I cannot think of anything but what just happened with Ms. Byrnes.  What do I do next?  How do I prepare?  I have not showered in several days.  I also have not changed my underwear during theses days.  It may matter I tell myself, I hope.  I am skipping fifth period,(government studies). 

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18 Sep, 2014
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