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Sonata For A Good Friend

Sonata For A Good Friend

By Smaller

It was Saturday morning. I was enjoying the most beautiful music with my eyes closed. The sound of magical “Moonlight Sonata” entered my ears like if I was experiencing a Beethoven’s piano concerto in Heaven. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw my messed up room. I quickly got up and shut down my laptop and yeah, the sonata was actually played on the computer laptop, Huh…!. I left my room as it was, put my parka on and left the house. There was a beautiful lush green park just a few steps away. I queued up some classical stuff on my i pod and started walking towards the park listening Mozart’s “Requiem” which was emerged into the scenery.
“Reggiero”, I heard a voice of a girl from my back, I turned around and she was waving her hand to me, I guessed. I looked around to ensure that she must be waving to someone else but I couldn’t find anyone. So, I also waved to her, she came and said, “Reggiero, do you remember me? I’m Maria Adela. I glanced at her and tried to recall my memory but failed and asked in reply, “no, maybe we met somewhere or you ain’t gonna be minding giving me some clues?”. She seemed a little surprised after hearing this from me. “We used to be in school together, now don’t you remember?” I somehow found that girl quite intellectual with her eccentric behavior and body language and really wanted to know her so I offered her a seat. “Actually, it takes me a little while to recall my memory, why don’t you have a seat and give me a little more information about yourself so I may find out who you really are, or maybe you are mistaken!” I exclaimed gently. “No! No! No me equivoco, solo estan tratando de molestarme, usted sabe que yo estoy en lo cierto? She cried. I was not feeling good for her so I tried to explain to her “Hey, look please don’t get too much panicked cause it’s too hard for me to understand Spanish, I’m still learning it and the biggest confusion we got here is that my good name is Smaller not Reggiero, so I believe that you are mistaken”. She was not willing to believe me and started weeping and made it harder for me to say anything further, but still there was one thing for me to ask her which could help me in getting out of that worst case scenario so I asked her in harmony “ do you like music?”. “Oh, just love music, no puedo vivir sin musica!” she replied while glancing at me with an adorable shine in her eyes which almost seduced me in an unusual way. I kept on asking her questions and my next one was “what kind of music you like to listen to?” “I love Classical and Espano, but I listen to other genres too” she answered with a sweat smile on her face. Maria really was a desirable Spanish beauty and really inspired me.
Our conversation was endless and irrespective of passage of time. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has once said that “Music is the universal language of mankind”. After meeting Maria Adela this quotation became so true to me. We were not ready to say goodbye to each other but there came a time when we realized we had to unwillingly do it. I hope she found the one she was looking for or maybe she had an intention to meet me but she never came back again. I wrote a song on Maria Adela and that wonderful day. I never got know someone through such an incident throughout my life. In memory of her I truly dedicated my sonata for a good friend, Maria Adela.


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About This Story
22 Nov, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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