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A Song From the Bird
A Song From the Bird

A Song From the Bird


Wilt POV

You woke up to the, oh, so delightful sound of your alarm clock screeching. You slam your fist down on the snooze button as hard as you can; the strength not so different to that of a very old lady. You lay on your back and stare at the ceiling. You trace every crack with your eyes, leading to the wall. You look at the stain in the far corner of your ceiling. The landlord said that it was a pizza stain. How the pizza got there is a mystery. You go back to looking at the cracks again. You were about to doze off once more when your bird, Rose, starts to tweet.

"I wanna sing! I wanna sing!"

She could be quite loud.

"You must wait, Rose. I have to get out of bed first," you reply calmly, "Not only that, but I must also talk to the landlord about any odd jobs I can do."

"No! No! Sing with Rose. Sing with me."

You sigh and looked into your bird's eyes. Or eye. She was looking at you sideways.

"Do you really want to sing that bad?"

"Yes! I do! I do!"

You sigh once more and let the bird out the cage. She flies around a bit to stretch out her wings and lands on your head.

"Look at me, Ethan Wilt, listen to a bird."

"Ha-Ha! Ethan Wilt, listening to a bird! Ha-Ha!"

"Hey, don't you laugh at me."

You walk over to the window and open it up. You slowly step out and on to the fire exit. Climbing the ladders going up, you reach the roof. Rose flies off your head and onto the ledge.

"Wanna be dangerous today, eh?" You ask the bird.

"Shut up! Sing with me! Sing with me!"

You sit next to the bird and notice you don't have your ukulele. You were about to tell her you can't sing without it when you see her on top of none other then your string instrument. Grabbing it, you go back to the ledge and sit once again.

"Song choice?"

She seems to think for a moment before answering. "I want to sing 'You are my sunshine.'"

"On a such gloomy day like this?" you shrug your shoulders and get the chord ready "You're the boss."

You start to playing and the bird sings. But, she no longers sounds of a bird. No, now, she sounds like the real Rose. The bird sounds just like you wife when you two use to sing. If you just close your eyes you can still hear her laughter. Your kids. The sounds of...happiness. It happens when ever you sing with the bird and yet it still shocks you.

You reach the final note, and your bird stops singing. You look her in the eye and you see her. You always see her.

"Rose...I'm...sorry. I'm so, so sorry." A lone tear runs down your face.

"It's not your fault. You did nothing. Don't cry. I'll always love you."

"No! The war, it's all my fault! If I just told the commander when I had the chance you wouldn't- they wouldn't have- I could have- I'm sorry." You start to break down, tears flowing freely.

"Shh, shh."

You lift your head and look around. You're no longer on the ledge of a building, but in a field. A familiar field. The one the first met Rose. And there she is. In a silk gown that flows in the wind.

"It's not your fault, Wilt. It is in the past."

"Do you forgive me, Rose? Do you still love me? And the kids! Oh, the kids. Are they alright? Do they remember their Father?" You run to Rose a hug her, bombarding her with questions.

"The kids are fine, and yes they, and I, still love you."

"But, do you forgive me. Do you? You must tell me or the guilt will never leave my shoulders."

"You know I forgive you. You must forgive yourself."

Rose is no longer in your grasp, but instead a few feet away, behind you.

You run to her yet again, desperate to hold her. She gets closer, and closer, and closer, and then she just a hair away....But, you trip and start to fall from your 4 story apartment. Well, this is where it ends. This is where it all comes down. The moment you knew was going to happen at some point. You close your eyes. Listen to the sounds of cars for the last time. Smell the sweets from the bakery you never and will never get to visit. Feel the spring rain on your hands once more. I will not be long ,Rose. Tell the kids I will be there soon.

Soon, my dear Rose.

Dread's POV

You're walking down the street, away from Jimmy's Bakeries And Sweetiery. What is a sweertiery? You have no idea, but you know you like it. While walking down the street you hear someone singing 'You are My Sunshine'. Boy, do you love that song! You continue you walk with a little hop in your step.

You walk in front of an apartment for a reason you don't know. You just know that your in the right spot at the right time. You look up to see...what is that? A sack of potatoes? Well, you don't want them to go to waste, so you hold out your arms and-


You fall on your back, a talking sack of potatoes on top of you. But, potatoes don't talk. Sacks don't either.

You open your eyes to see a man in his pjamas across your stomach.

"Why, hello, there! I'm Dread!"

The man slowly opens he's eyes and looks at you.

"Am I dead?" he ask in a low, sad voice.

"Because, I'm an angel?"

"No, because, I just fell off a 4 story building."

"Well, if your dead then that means I should be, too. Which I don't think I am. So, uh, no. You're not."

"Then, I am a failure,"

"Haha, hello A Failure. I'm dad."

"Hello, dad, you're an idiot."

"How rude! Want to work for me?"


"A lab"

"If it will help me take my mind off my pitiful existence, I don't see why not."

"I think we maybe friend."

"I hope not."

"What's your name, A Failure?"

"It's Ethan Wilt."

"Well, Ethan Wilt, 1, You are not a failure, 2, You work for me, 3, I'm going to call you Wilt for now on."

"1, yes I am, 2, okay, 3, please do n-"


Author Notes: This was literally thought of while I was on the toilet. It's a bit of a CRAPPY idea. Eh? Eh? I know, I'm so funny. I'm also sorry for how terrible this is, once again, on the toilet when I thought of this. Thank you for reading, please leave a review, I would love some feedback.

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About This Story
11 Aug, 2018
Read Time
5 mins
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