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Mya-Livia's P.O.V

I remain in my bedroom, even though my Mom woke me up about twenty minutes ago.

'I don't wan't to go to school. I just wanna lay in.'

After about five minutes, I decided I should just get up because I'm already late.

"Mya-Livia, get down now!"

"Yes, Mom." I groan.

After ten minutes of my school morning routine, I rush downstairs and out of the door, cutting of my mother who was going to ask me if I was going to eat breakfast.

Entering the school building, my head starts to ache.

"Hello, rat. How's your life going?" Tanya smirks.

Tanya was my ex-best friend, she turned on me.

"Tanya, can't we resolve everything?"

"No, sorry." She snarled.

"Ok." I mutter.

I can't take this anymore, last week, Tanya and her group of friends threw stones at me.

I stare at a high building and smile.

'I'll go up there. And fall.'

After ten minutes, I was at the very top of the building and screamed at Tanya to look at me.

She stared at me, her face in awe and sadness.

"Sorry, sorry. I wish we had been friends still. But it's all my fault, right? Sorry."

I drop off the building.

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4 Mar, 2020
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