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By Tinymonster123

Abby’s POV


Let me tell you a story but first let me tell you something! Once you turn eighteen you are suppose to find your soulmate but I haven’t. Well this is my story.

My name is Abby May Johnson and I am. I had yet another eighteenth birthday yesterday September 26, 2034. I’ve been this age for 20 years now which is very, very sad. I mean this is a very lonely life and it was stupid to me because all my friend’s have found their soulmates yet they kind of made fun of me due to this. My friends had a rather normal life like many children but I haven’t had a “normal” life … I mean it doesn’t suck as bad as you would think but it does suck. I am repeating high school over and over and over and over again. It’s an infinite loop of the same lessons… The same teachers… Different people… It’s an ongoing thing that I don’t think it’ll ever end for me. I mean I’m not really complaining but I am bored.. I hate knowing that every time I wake up I know it’ll be the same. The food and the people change every four year but it's the SAME. The clicks are the same, jocks, nerds and outcasts! ALL THE SAME!!!! I want things to change so I can get out of this rut I guess you could call it but it is very frustrating that I can’t break the cycle. It’s like everything else in my life it doesn’t really change. I miss being able to change things in my life but every time I try to change something, something bad happens. Even then it doesn’t change much. It’s honestly very pointless at least to me. I got dressed in my normal skinny jeans and t-shirt along with a pair of converse. I didn’t bother covering the tattoo everyone is assigned with at birth so we can find our soulmate.


“ABBY! You’re going to be late to school! Now hurry up!” My mom yelled from downstairs and the smell of breakfast slowly worked its way upstairs but it was somewhat different because my mom NEVER makes me breakfast.

Odd, I guess. I walked downstairs and I ate the breakfast quickly because I don’t really like my mom… She isn’t a very nice person and she hates me for not finding my soulmate.. Stupid, right? I never thought that my mom would hate me because I couldn’t find the stupid person that is supposed to live with me for the rest of our lives. I ran to school to find my friend’s and I waved to them quickly then one of the girls said “Hey! There’s a new kid! He could be your soulmate, Abs!” She was super happy about this but I highly doubted that fact because if I’ve gone 20 years without finding this so called “soulmate” why would I find them now? I shook my head in disappointment and I smiled at her.


“We can always hope that I can finally find my soulmate in this man…” I said with a smile wondering what this could possibly mean but I shook my head and I was called to the office but I was shocked when I walked into the office this guy stood there basically oozing bad boy. It was cute! Seriously, he seemed like the type to break the rules and wouldn’t care if he would.


“Hello, babe. Are you here to show me around?” He asked clearly trying to flirt with me but I didn’t want to flirt.. I don’t want to fall in love with him but here we are staring at each other till his eyes flickered to my wrist which wasn’t covered and the tattoo on my wrist was in plain view.


I quickly covered it and his face said it all he had the other half of the tattoo on his arm then I looked up at him for a moment “Don’t call me babe because I am not your babe” I said sternly and I was a bit annoyed about him calling me babe.

“I kind of think that I can call you babe because you’re my soulmate..” Jackson said with a slight smirk and he looked down at him for a moment not really thinking about why he looked down on the girl.

“FINE!” I grumbled rather loudly then I took his schedule from him and I left the office quickly storming out almost but I didn’t care at all. It didn’t matter if he hated me or not I really could care less about these things. I calmed down after walking down the hall for a solid ten minutes but he kept up with me rather easily which I absolutely hated that he kept up with me so easily because I thought I could walk faster than I thought I did but I mean oh well “What?” I asked in a sassy tone as a breeze went through the hall and blew my fawn brown hair as he looked down on me with a smirk still that seemed so amused by my sudden outburst towards him. I mean I wasn’t expecting to be meeting my soulmate so soon or late whatever you would like to call it but it does seem like a short yet long period of time “How long have you been waiting for me?” I asked him in a much calmer tone.


“For twenty years… It was awful honestly. I thought my soulmate died or something like that. I figured that was my love to not be allowed to love someone no matter what I did wrong or right. I don’t know. All I do know is that I love you and I won’t ever stop loving you. I’m glad I met you.. I never want to be with anyone but you because when I saw you I felt different.. I felt like I had meaning again and that meaning is to love you. And never, ever let anyone hurt you.” Jackson said as tears came to his eyes and I felt my heart break a little hearing the tone in his voice.


“I feel the same way… Please don’t cry. I’m sorry I was mean back then. I didn’t know how to react and I was honestly scared that you were my soulmate… I mean I haven’t found you for twenty and I thought you would never ever come to find me..” I admits and I Look up at him for a moment tearing up like him. I hugged him tightly not wanting to stand there crying like the fool I am and I can’t believe I finally found my soulmate. I didn’t think we would meet like this. I thought it would be more romantic but it really wasn’t but I’m not complaining because he just now saw me cry and that is probably the worst thing to see a girl do. I mean seriously… I’m embarrassed.


“Hey don’t cry, princess. Will you be my princess?” Jackson asked and he wondered what I would say but I was thrown off when he said that a blush erupted in my cheeks then I smiled to myself while I thought about but I knew I couldn’t reject him because I felt strong feelings towards him and I couldn’t deny that I had feelings for this guy but anything could happen. I am only 18 and he is only 18. Well not technically but that isn’t important at the moment.

“I’d love to be your princess,” Is all I could muster up to say to this guy who had shared his feelings with me. I think this will be an amazing thing and I never want this feeling to change between us but I know everything changes in time. My parents have definitely changed since they first met.


Well, That’s the story of how I met my soulmate. Stupid? Cheesy? Oh, I know it is. But, I’m glad we met like that. It was really amazing at least for me it was. I guess I’ll never know what he thought or felt when we first met or what it was like for him during those twenty years of staying eighteen but honestly I probably don’t ever want to know any of that.


I hope you enjoyed reading about how I met my soulmate. I hope and pray this never happens to you!

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21 May, 2018
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7 mins
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