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Southern Flavor

Southern Flavor

By shyguy2012

Sence listened to both of them tell of a wondrous story that old, old, story of Jesus and his love. He sat at her bedside while she awaited death as she told him why she said, I’m gonna run on to see what the ending will be” a charge to keep I have and a God to glorify a never dying soul to save that’s fitted for the sky.”
Lee trade at a local general store where he often purchased foodstuff he couldn’t grow in the garden. He was a Yes Man however, the white men continued to call him “uncle.” He always carried himself in a humble manner his head held low, with his face toward the ground ready to submit to authority in any form. Even his children had to act in obedience “give in” and agree for their own good. Although, he submitted it did not guarantee better treatment or respect from his antagonist. They were yelled and screamed at so much it seem to leave them feeling angry, depressed, and bewildered. Lee was observed saying, our women were scared and not able to trust us to protect them from harm. These words are to bear witness to the fact that more than a century later, intimidation is still felt in the Deep South. If you have a mind to, take a stroll through the Colored community during those years and sense the vibrations they felt. He echoed the sentiment of disappointment and humiliation who justified the rulers treats people of lower estate like this and who gave you the authority? I’m free so why are you hurting me? God sakes! I did not do anything to you! Lee said these words to me once. If there’s a God above please show us your love and “Come see about me” he didn’t come—he sent us a representative from among us and gifted him with the fruits of the spirit, to ease the pain and to offer hope and forgiveness in a non-violent way. I beg you to differ one cannot see clearly through the tears of sorrow in your eyes or respond in a sound frame of mind. One that’s filled with hate and revenge for a time as this! He was sent to show us patience he had the ability to calm things down in our community and help Colored folks to reexamine the U. S. Constitution that govern every citizen—we have “ inalienable rights” guaranteed to us. Looking back on those events—I believe he done the right things or made decisions which were in our best interests. Here are some of his credentials—born in the south with southern parents that reared him there and he was educated there. Basically, he was one of our own in experience to understand us, loved by a home grown boy who did well—but not by all somewhere we learned as a people of color not unity but divisions. The problems of betrayal within the black community were a genuine one. A reality many black leaders couldn’t afford to ignore. A Saturday in late summer was chosen because the planting season is for the most part, is over black farmers had more time to get their produce to market. No matter how careful the sharecroppers meetings were they weren’t able to keep them a secret from land owners. Instead, James one of the betrayers revealed contents of several meetings to his property owner. Mr. Jasper considered James to be a hard worker; nevertheless, he would mete out just punishment for participation in the plot. Jasper use to overrule land owners who felt sorry for Blacks who lost placement on a Farm. In the interim, he met with other land owners in which he gave them strict orders. He uttered, “boys don’t yak hire none of my workers or will be sorry yak did.” Yak here? Other land owners never did. Black share croppers were compel to work for no other White family no matter what happen. Hence, the son of the south was misunderstood, referred as a traitor to his race and called “Uncle Tom” the idea of non-violence was not well received by frustrated and angry young black men from the North who were clueless concerning culture and the ways of our southern roots. Many of them made fun of southern lifestyle to try to be as mean as possible. “We got to keep the peace.” Life can be cruel to some people. Not everyone who goes through harsh challenges comes out unscathed; however, there are some – the lucky few – who persevere and triumph despite the odds

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3 Mar, 2012
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3 mins
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