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Special Boy

Special Boy

By Slaby1998

A suburban family moving into a new house in a quiet communtity along with their son named James, A boy who is intelligently shy and really close to his family. As they get comfortable in their new house, James is seen scratching at the wall and decided to just ignore what he's scratching at. His mom and dad and brother are living happily and comfortbably but James thinks something is wrong. One night James is seen sleeping and hears noises in the wall, Weird growling noises and goes to check it out, parents and brother is sleeping in another room while he goes and identifies what that noise is. So he bravely grabs his phone puts it on flashlight mode and decides to turn the light on in the basement to see if it's in the wall or other areas in the house. James walking down the stairs, shaking because it's a new house and hears a boy crying out for help. The mysterious boy is shown in the corner, So he walks closer and closer until his flashlight mysteriously shuts off and he's scared, once he turns it back on! The boy is seen feeding his spirit into James, before he can scream out to his parents, And his phone dropping on the floor. Next morning james is sleeping but is it James? So the mom is seen waking him up for school but the boy is grinning and smiling while getting ready for school, Big brother is seen bumping his music loud, Dad saying turn that music down, while he is on a important phone call. The boy is seen saying "turn it down listen to your parents" "DO IT NOW" he is saying. Big Brother Laughing saying get out of my room, all of sudden.... music is powered off as soon as he can turn it back on the cord to his stereo system appears to be fried. While looking back up the boy seems to be gone. Mom is seen to be driving him to school... the first day of school with the boy went good, panning to the next scene, mom is seen working her job as a waitress in a restraunt, while panning to the next scene dad is seen working in a office building, but things are not going good. Mom is seen working in order to keep her life moving with her family, but has a drug problem with pills doing them in the bathroom every once in a while, crying and begging "please help me god". Next scene Dad is seen not getting promoted to senior manager while working on a project he thought would get his boss attention, but it didn't work out. Dad is seen in the car punching the steering wheel out of anger. Next scene big brother is seen having sex with his girlfriend in the new house, bumping music.... mom is in the kitchen making dinner, While dad is reading the newspaper reading that his promotion was given to another employee. Mom says dinner is ready! The boy is then praying at the table while they grow suspicious of him because James would never do that, So mom is telling how did everyone's day go, father responds "mine went well, hope i get that promotion. Mom replies great! How about you son which is big brother, replying it went okay until you fucking ruined it he replied! Mom is confused, dad is confused, the boy is seen telling him "watch your mouth and tell her your sorry" apparently while big brother was having sex mom is calling and calling so he couldn't finish having sex, girlfriend is mad saying "maybe you should move out because obviously you can't pleasure me at all". So scene cuts to them at the table, the boy is seen slamming his hand on the table yelling "STOP" they all looked shocked, "say your sorry now he replied, big brother saying "this is the last thing i need a little twerp telling me what to do". The boy grows anger and manages to levitate his big brother's body off the floor and showing his true form. He begins to Slam him against the wall while floating and invisible hands are around his neck choking him, demanding in his own words "if you make her or anyone in the family feel horrible inside while they are dealing with other problems, I will take care of them myself" and has him fall from the wall. Mother and father look shocked and boy is scared to let them know the truth and the dad questions to his wife "our son is acting weird" mom replies, "that is not our son, why is he acting like this? and cries out sofly "what is truly wrong with my son". Final scene is shown the dad getting the promotion apparently the employee backed out of being the higher manager so it was giving to him instead, but dad doesn't know that, the boy is seen in a flashback saying "give me back what my dad wanted" "his promotion" or else you will lose your life the boy is seen flashing his eyes different colors the man is seen scared... and thinking to himself i don't wanna die over this. Now dad is seen hugging him and saying "i love you son, i don't know how you done it, but i believe you did. Next scene mom is seen getting more close to God, happen to be having a bible in her purse and throwing the drugs out, The boy is being seen talking to the preacher saying "my mom needs help, help her please before it's to late"! The mom is now happy with her job and life going to church everyday, with the boy smiling and being by her side, but she is still confused and says "James"? The boy is running home, running fast, while mom is chasing him but big brother is not in the picture, he moved out with his girlfriend and living a healthy relationship and calls him family time to time. The resolution dad is seen driving in the driveway while he is seeing the boy run in but the door is locked and closed, the mom unlocking the door and seeing the door to the basement open, mom and dad are there staring at him while he says "do you truly want your boy back"? Mom and dad are seen shocked that this wasn't their son the whole time. But they agree to have their son back, The boy says turn around and count to 10. While they both turn around and count they hear noises and noises, growling, gurgling noises, after that one second count they turn around and the boy is seen laying down in his pajamas confused, while the spirit of the boy is known as michael a boy who lived with parents in this same house died but developed special ablities that he never told his parents because they buried him in the walls and left, the mom and dad whereabouts remain unknown and you see james and his family reunite and a voice in their heads saying "My job is done".

Author Notes: My First Movie I Wrote In My Head

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18 Feb, 2021
Read Time
6 mins
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