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Special .
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Special .


Alice, already have her own family at young age of sixteen she have four children all in all .
She live with her children in a slam area her husband is alcoholic who spend more money to his own benefit and always not at home.

But that doesn't stop her to raise her children , she work as a multitasking cashier, dining and a kitchen crew in a little diner not so far from the area she lives. Still the salary she received is not enough she managed to accept laundry to her neighbors just to add sum for her earnings.

Working at the diner she met a lot of people one of those is Mr Lee . Mr Lee is already old he's in sixties he is very fine man and a regular customer of the diner , he talked to Alice a lot he'll have his breakfast, lunch, and dinner he always read different book and newspapers at the same table he always sitting. He have his own plate , utensils for a reason.

Mr Lee is very special man it's because he have a contagious sickness. He have incurable disease a HIV positive .. people always stay away of him because of his sickness and scared that they might get infected. But still Alice serve him right as a special and Mr Lee recognize that ..

This past days been so hard for Alice to struggle it's all depend to her on how she could feed her hungry children still she never give up.. She's been busy for days because of the Christmas season is approaching so she double her courage and strength ..

One morning she haven't seen Mr Lee in the same table he was always sitting, that's make her confused and also worried on why Mr Lee never come .. But when she's out of her duty making her way to her home it was raining heavily so she quikly walk on the block when she saw Mr Lee very wet and cold . She approached him without hesitation and say..
" Mr Lee? Is that you. What are you doing in this heavy rain ? " Mr Lee do answer but words doesn't come up to his mouth because of the rain pouring.. Alice really don't understand what he was talking about. She just said.
" I can't hardly understand you Mr Lee. Let me just gave you my coat and I'll walk you to the nearest bus station " .. Finally they got into the bus station . Mr Lee then face Alice he says.
" Dear Alice, thank you for taking care of me , for making me feel that I am human and not a person who have a contagious sickness. I really thank you, I'll go ahead now. Take good care of yourself and your children then. " Alice also about to reply him but Mr Lee is already on the bus wave Alice good bye..
She just go home so confuse on their conversation she just the prepare dinner for her children who wait for her arrival.


In Monday morning , Alice do her daily job.
Waking up at 5 o'clock and take her children to bath and at 5:30 am feed them, at 6:30 am dropped them at school. At 7:00 am going to the diner opens at 8:30 am ..
She was cleaning at the dining when she saw Mr Lee at the same table but just vanish. She just then think she was just imagining things and just tired. When the diner is open it was so very busy .
So busy that she doesn't think so much only to serve every customer right.

When she already at her break she eat her lunch at 2pm in the afternoon .. The manager then approach her extending his arm giving an envelope. Saying
" Alice? Mr Lee, gave this to you . "
Alice was eating that time and then stop facing her manager. And open the envelope its say brand new house written her name at the top of it.
" Mr Lee? What is it sir? " After receiving the envelope the manager also said.
" He says to not open that only you could do so, He was a very fine man and a customer you know though he have contagious sickness he never do bad things even though he was judge. "
Alice was so confuse on why she have received an envelope and the manager approach her this matter.
Alice said. " I'm sorry sir, I don't understand "..
" Mr Lee just passed away, yesterday morning that is why he was not here that time "
Alice felt cold rush through her body. She even saw and talk to Mr Lee yesterday afternoon..

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8 Jan, 2019
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3 mins
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