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Spinning Around in Cricles

Spinning Around in Cricles

By Hopetrytohaveit

As I walk down the road to my mom's house I feel a tickle of fear as if someones watching. I hurry my footsteps as my heart begins to race my legs push my body forword. Come on Lexi your almost home my thoughts keep saying your almost there almost there as I make it to my porch steps a loud gunfire coming from inside my house and a cool reddish liquid running down my window, I bust open the door an scream "MOM!?" no answer, I wake up in a cold sweat an breath hard an look around. dead on the floor is my mother her arms are missing, her eyes too, I push myself to the back of my bed when I heard the police series I grab my bag an pack my clothes some food an water quickly an wrap my hand in cloth an hit the window once not even a shader, I punch again harder as I hear the series outside my house,COME ON STUPID WINDOW! i hit one last time an the window breaks I look behind me at the body of which my mother used to lay as her flesh looks like its almost still pulling away from her body an bones her ripped off arm lay mangled on the floor next to her as blood drips from the flesh still as if I was hunting I say "still a fresh kill" my own brain doesn't feel like me anymore as I get a running start an jump throw my broken window tumbling down my i get up stumbling almost drunk like i grab my bag an feel for water as i hear an officer yell " theres a innocent little girl over her with glass in her legs an bledding over"I run not knowing i if I will end out, in the end, alive or dead the dark shapes of trees turning with my immagantion making me see monsters an girls without faces jump at me I hug my knees to my chest an scream scared for my life as I trip an fall I feel something or soeone under me it warm but something dosent feel right as I lick my lips the hard cold tastes of iron fills my mouth, blood...i stan looking down the cliff I see at the end of my hill an fall forword a next I knew all the pain was gone....

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25 Oct, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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