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Spirals Go Down.

Spirals Go Down.

By Ace

Don’t let yourself spiral.

Don’t let the hurricane of hurt and betrayal drag you to the depths of a whirlpool.

Push the current away.

Swim for your life.

Don’t drown.



Don’t drown.

Don’t drown.

Don’t drown.

Swim little one,

Swim for your life.

Pull yourself up.

Don’t let the spiral bring you down.

Spirals go down,

But you rise up.

Spirals are twisted,

But you are pure and simple.

Spirals curve inward,

But you don’t let your thoughts eat you.

Spirals go down,

And down,

And down.

Spirals spin you until you’re dizzy and can’t walk anymore.

Spirals confuse and anger.

Spirals frustrate and exasperate.

Spirals go down.

Don’t let yourself fall to the spiral.

Don’t let one thought lead to another.

Spirals go down,

But you go up.

Go up, and up, and up until all you can see is sky.

Float in a galaxy of stars and moons.

Watch the planets spinning around you.

Watch the sun glow from a distance.

Dance into the night of the atmosphere.

Watch the Milky Way as you float in comfort.

Close your eyes.

Let the sky envelop you.

Don’t let it spiral.

Spirals don’t have to go down.

Go to a place with no gravity.

Spirals go down.

But only if you let them.

Author Notes: I love this piece of work, it really takes me somewhere else.

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4 Aug, 2022
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