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Spirit Part 1
Spirit Part 1

Spirit Part 1


It’s been a month since we obtained the Paraiba and in that time, Gwen and her family have moved here, Kieran is living here as well, and Ellie has moved. It was sad to see her leave but she promised me we’d see each other again. She went to a boarding school that doesn’t allow outside contact except for family. We all go to the same high school. Since Kieran doesn’t have any official parents, he’s living in the shed and pretending to be a junior with us this year.

“What’s up?” says Kieran as he walks up next to me, putting an arm around my shoulders.

Gwen walks up on my other side saying, “Nothing much. How about you Brooke?”

“Nothing really.” Pause. “We’re boring.” Another pause and then we burst out laughing. Thing is, in the month’s time, we’ve become even better with our powers and figured out what we can do together with Kieran’s powers as well. With all three of our powers together, we can make the legendary fire-ice-wind power, combination thing. According to a book in the library, it’s the most powerful and lethal element against the shadows. We call it the FWIP.

We head into school. We were lucky enough to get all the same classes together. Did I mention that Kieran has mental manipulation? We get to Mr Brown’s class early. We sit atop the desks and talk a bit about what our next plan is. We decide that we need to figure out a way to use the Paraiba. We also decide that we need a code name for the Paraiba.

“The stone,” says Kieran.

“The gem?” asks Gwen.

“Wow. You guys are really bad at coming up with names for things.” They shrug.

“I named my goldfish Goldie when I was younger,” Kieran says. I internally roll my eyes.

“Ooh! I named my lizard Liz!” says Gwen. I externally roll my eyes and huff. They laugh.

“How about… dragoceni dragulj.” They look at me with very confused faces. “It’s Bosnian,” I explain. They tilt their heads at me, still confused. “It’s a language spoken in Southeastern Europe.

“Ok. What’s it mean?”
“The precious gem.”

Mr Kain starts his lecture on the holocaust. Mr Brown has somehow disappeared. I take notes even though I don't really need them. With all these powers and enhanced senses, I practically have photographic memory now. So does Kieran and Gwen so all we do is sit there and have mental conversations pretending to listen.

We are talking, or thinking, about what is better, coke or pepsi, when the bell rings. We walk down the halls at a slow pace. With our powers, we are faster and stronger so we have to use a bit of self-control when doing everyday things. Earlier in the year, I may have broken my locker door off its hinges, Gwen crushed a couple of pencils and pens, and Keiran broke a chair just by sitting down. We blamed it on the old hinges and the bad chair leg.

As we walk to chemistry, we hear whispers from other students.

“They all look so alike. Especially Brooke and that other girl.”

“I know right? They all act like they are siblings.”
“I heard someone say that they know, like, everything and barely pay any attention in their classes.”

“I heard that they can communicate without talking.” Little do they know, they got all of those guesses right. I turn towards Gwen and Kieran and see them holding in their laughter because they heard it, too.

We walk into science and sit down. We’re all in the back row so it’s kinda easy to talk to each other. We pay little attention to the lesson while mentally continuing our debate.

“Gwen?” asks Mrs Darosa.

“The sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight,” responds Gwen immediately without looking up from her book.

The teacher takes a second to respond. She clears her throat and says, “Very good Gwen,” and then continues with her slideshow.

For the rest of the class, Mrs Darosa goes through her lecture on the sky. When the bell finally rings, she calls us back in.

“I’ve talked with your other teachers. You three haven’t been paying attention in their classes either,” she says.

“But,” I start but she cuts me off.

“I’ve talked with the rest of your teachers for today and they said you can skip the rest of the day if you do this test.” We all take a second in our thoughts.

“Are we doing it?” thinks Kieran.

“Of course!” Gwen retorts .

“Yeah,” I respond, “We can get out of the rest of our classes today. Don’t mess up and ask each other if you don’t know for sure.”

“Okay,” we all say to her at the same time. She spreads us out in her classroom with Keiran by the door, Gwen in the front, and me the back. She gives us the test. It’s only three pages. Six if you’re counting them back to back.

The test was very easy and Mrs Darosa followed her word and we walked out of school four hours and forty minutes early.

“What are we going to do for the rest of the day?” I ask.

“I don’t really know.”

“We could go back to my place,” says Kieran, referring to the shed behind the diner. We all agreed and left the school. We walked straight into the woods and stepped into the portals we made in our paths. We ended up in the shed. Keiran can manipulate time and space and some other things as well. He made the shed the size of a house on the inside. On the outside it just looks like a shed. On the second floor, we can see over the diner. We frequently go to the rooftop just to talk look at the horizons. We’ve seen Rose a couple times and she’s talked to s but we haven’t seen her recently. She usually shows up when we need help or something like that. It’s been pretty calm for the past month though. We haven’t really worried about the shadow world at all. We know that they’re planning something big though so once they make a move, we will too.

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30 Apr, 2019
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5 mins
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