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Spiritual Belonging
Spiritual Belonging

Spiritual Belonging

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Clock hands stand still, eyes flutter shut.
Sound becomes nulled, touch void itself.
Paralyzed reality, drift in mindless dark.

Travel immeasurable, still in description.
Primitive far wilderness, a meta-realism.
Find wonder, emotion, thought, belief.

Under face moon and the endless stars.
Real to sight, think, but not truly physical.
Where I be, where I can, where I will.

Wander strange, search inner purpose.
Fathom of brain, lead to sanctuary real.
There will be calling, light for me.

Footsteps imprint journey’s past, a life.
Unknown marking on heart, mind, soul.
What be it that I am?

Flash, Bang, Boom!
Color crack dark sky, blister the air.
Beautified by neon glow waves.

Wild calls and turn pursuit toward mystic.
Every howl, bleat, hiss, roar, tweet and cry.
Follow the light and disappear before.

All gone from forest, mountain and water.
Stare at one shade purple, high and fruitful.
Missing single creature it willed.

Behind my life, a screech whistled pride.
Built body and strong wings pushed trees.
Eyes determined and talons for fight.

Graceful flight with persistent speed.
Hunt purple light, match feather aurora.
Run with I will, know I must.

Straight run through woods and river.
It reaches close with clean screech.
Top of cliff I go, with purpose.

In clearing even to horizon, I leap.
Close eyes, last cry, body freefall.
Top of cliff above, must believe.

Pierced with energy and light.
Open eyes to see ground fade.
Luminesce in mind, heart, soul.

Wings spread wide, far with arms.
Talons retract feet, relax weary legs.
Eyes stare into sky abyss.

Purple neon night I go, enter world.
Became new embodiment self.
Feel different, how I connect with one.

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1 Dec, 2021
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1 min
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