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Spitting Out the Frustation
Spitting Out the Frustation

Spitting Out the Frustation

2 Reviews

Am I really that ugly?

Okay, I may not be a very attractive girl. Still, I am much better looking than the average girl. And when I apply light make-up or dress up nicely, I look really stunning. I said it-I am better looking than the average girl, yet not an extraordinary beauty. A pretty girl but not too pretty for her own good, you may sum it up as.

Whatever the case might be, the camera simply hates me! (I am not even in the slightest bit joking.) I look horrible in a still picture. Now don’t get me started on how I look in a video. At times, I look good in a picture. And at times, I don’t.

Oof! The pain is unbearable. I am NOT photogenic. It’s getting on my nerves. How does an ugly girl manage to look beautiful in the photo? And I don’t?

I quite recently appeared in TV for my wits. So incredible! I ought to be proud of my achievement. But, at the end of the day, it turned out to be fucking horrible. The TV show was watched by many people, to add to its horribleness. I looked dark, blackish. My smile looked like a scowl. Also, my nose looked as if it was punched hard a while ago. Am I really that ugly? I did not at all look attractive, that's it. What more to say?

Females have always desired attractiveness in every aspect. A girl initially wants nothing more than to have a petite figure, a rosy complexion, and a face like that of a princess, so that she can get her prince charming- that is, the man of her dreams.

I know I have been foolish. I ranted and raved like an insane person. Actually, every girl has that sort of feelings once in a while. Besides, who doesn’t want to look attractive?

I have a bit of advice for my fellow girls. Stop daydreaming. Step into reality. Don’t care a straw for what you look like. You yourself didn’t choose to be unattractive (if you are). You were made so. And absolutely nothing can be done about it. Nobody is perfect at any rate. Everyone is beautiful in a sense. Be smart, bold, and confident of yourself. Outward beauty is nothing but a veil. It covers one's character, masks everything inside. People will stare deep into your soul before deciding to befriend you. If it's attractive enough, you are lucky enough! Nothing to worry.

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30 Nov, 2016
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2 mins
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