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Split Decision
Split Decision

Split Decision

AlphaRiotSkyler Kapuschinsky
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"Ok class" the biology teacher schouted as everyone else talked over her. "I expect you all to study for the final exam. I know some of you in this class need the extra points to pass."

"I just wanna get out of here" Thomas said to himself as he placed his head on his brown hair and rested his head, waiting for the bell to ring. "This class is giving me a headache." Thomas felt a fierce tug on his right arm that almost pulled him out of his seat.

"Hey Thomas" a girl said. "Wanna be my study partner?"

Thomas looked up and spotted a tall, skinny girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes. "What do you want now Madison?"

"I just told you silly" Madison answered. "I want to be your study partner."

"You know i don't do well with other people. Find someone else." Another tug was felt on his left arm now.

"He would rather work with me" another girl said. This girl had long, brown hair and was also tall and skinny and green eyes. "He doesn't want to work with you Madison." Both of the girl glared at each other, attempting to intimidate each other.

"I'm sure he does Hannah. Right Thomas?"

"Why do you two always have to swarm around me? It gets obnoxious after a while."

"Because" Madison began. "You are one of the most muscular people here. Plus, you're very mysterious. I guess we like that about you."

"Just be my study partner and show Madison which one of us you like more."

"Honestly, you're both quite irratating."

The other girls said nothing else as they played tug of war with Thomas. The bell finally rang and Thomas never felt so delighted. He lept out of his seat and bolted out the door, waving bye to the girls just to be nice.

"He will be mine" Hannah said while glaring at Madison. "Nothing you do can possibly stop that from happening."

"Finally" Thomas said to himself. "It feels so good to have my arms back." He approached his house and opened the door, immediately rushing to his bedroom to take a nap. After about an hour, his mom rushed upstairs.

"Thomas!" his mom shouted. "Some girl named Hannah is waiting at the door for you."

Thomas let out an annoyed sigh and slowly walked to the door. He opened it up and stared at Hannah in annoyance. "What do you want?"

Hannah took her hands out from behind her back and showed Thomas two pairs of roller skates. "There is a large mountain nearby that is known for bike riding, skateboarding, and roller skating. I figured you might wanna join me."

Thomas debated what his answer was gonna be for a little bit. "Fine. I have nothing else to do anyways, and I did always enjoy roller skating anyways."

Hannah jumped around with happiness and forcefully grabbed his hand and ran off with him. Not too much longer did they arrive at the mountain where they both took their shoes off and put their skates on. They both were about to start skating until Madison arrived out of nowhere.

"What's going on here?" Madison asked, clearly upset. "Why would you go out with her and not me?"

"For starters, this isn't a date" Thomas answered. "This is merely something to do because I'm bored. You're willing to join us if you want."

Hannah clearly wasn't happy about this as she crossed her arms and turned away. "Fine. Let's just go already."

"Sounds good" Madison said, bringing out her pain of roller blades. "Don't fall too far behind."

Everyone was silent as they began skating down the hill. Thomas dragged a little bit behind as he watched the two girls compete to see who was faster. For once, Thomas cracked a smile at the sight of the two.

"You smiled at me!" Madison shouted with excitement. "That makes me happy."

"No" Hannah replied. "He smiled at me."

"It doesn't matter who i smiled at. All that matters is that i smiled."

The two girls didn't hear that as they kept on competing to impress Thomas. Half way down the hill, they began pushing each other to the side, hoping the other will fall over.

"You guys should probably stop" Thomas suggested. "I wouldn't want you two to fall off the edge."

They still didn't listen. They kept shoving each other out of the way. They all reached a sharp turn and they both sailed off the edge, screaming as they fell off the mountain.

"NO!" Thomas yelled as he rushed to their assistance. He got there just in time to grab one of their hands. He struggled to pull Madison up first, but failed because by doing that, him and Hannah would have fallen. "You two need to stop trying to impress me."

"We're sorry Thomas" Hannah said. "Please help us up."

Thomas took a deep breath and thought up a solution. He leaned forward a little more to gain more leverage. "Use your feet to scale the side of the mountain!"

"There is no side" Madison stated. "It is caved in. We can't reach it no matter how hard we tried."

Thomas used his feet to carefully kick off the roller skates and tried to stand up. He was only able to get into crouching position. His toes hung over the edge as he tried to pull them up. "I have an idea!"

"What is it?" Hannah asked.

"Just try to make yourselves feel as light as possible."

They did as he said and Thomas tried to pull them up, leaning in closer and closer to the edge. Moments before the girls made it to the top, Thomas smiled at them. "You two actually made me happy."

"Good" they both said at the same time as they made it back to the top safely.

"Thank you" Thomas said as he slipped and fell forward, falling down the mountain.

"NOOOO!" Hannah and Madison both yelled as they witnessed Thomas reach the bottom, dying on impact. Both of them cried as they realized that it was becasue of them Thomas died.

"I'm sorry" Madison cried out. "We shouldn't have bothered you."

The two cried nonstop as they turned towards each other and hugged, beginning a new friendship in rememberance of Thomas's death.

Author Notes: This is the second story I have uploaded on this site. I am glad so many people read the first one. More will be coming soon.

Redemption From Revenge will begin sometime this summer. Still have to write the rest down, but I am somewhat almost there. Thank you for reading my stuff. I hope you like the next ones just as much as you did the first one.

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Skyler Kapuschinsky
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16 Jun, 2017
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5 mins
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