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Stabbed In The Back

Stabbed In The Back

By John Smith

Put the knife down or I am going to hit you like a man! Johnsy was calling the cops from the touchtone on the counter. With his back turned to his ex girlfriend Krista . She had just pulled a knife on him he heard the metallic sound of it coming out of the kniferack in the kitchen. Her eyes were wild and she smelled like a gin and tonic.

Just moments before she had broken into his brothers apartment where he was staying. He woke up to the door opening and letting light into his room. He could see her silouhette in the bright light coming from the hallway behind her. She then slurred "Hey I want to talk to you". This was quite a shock since he had broke up with her more than two weeks before. She had been cheating on him with a wealthy older man. He had heard from friends that they didnt last long as a couple. Johnsy replied with "What the hell are you doing here" "Get the fuck out of here". This set Krista over the edge so she charged him. She was swinging every limb she could as she moved. Johnsy was watching this with amazement while sitting up in bed. She punched him in his stomach. Forcing him to jump up and grab her swinging fists and throw her or more liked roll her to the other side of the bed back to where she had come in. He then saw her coming back at him so he picked her up at the waste basically backwards carrying her on his hip.

As he moved down the hallway towards the front door Krista grabbed at pictures and things throwing them to the ground. He got to the front door and opened it and went to walk her out just then she spread out her arms and her legs and held on to the doorjams like a cat. Thats when Johnsy let her down and said "I have had enough Im calling the police" turned around and started to walk to the phone in the kitchen just then she struck him in the back of the head. This hurt her more than him and while she was looking at her hand gritting from the pain Johnsy had made it to the phone.

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About The Author
John Smith
About This Story
7 Jul, 2014
Read Time
1 min
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