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stake-it out

stake-it out

By MorganRain29

you know even when i woke up i knew this day was going to sucky.
I mean okay first, i get assigned to stakeout shift which everybody hates. watching a house looking & recording everything that the man Walter Weeks does, then i find i was going alone on the night shirt since my grad a partner Jacks calls in sick.
so about ten at night me detective Leanna Morris is stuffing her face with Cheetos with shawl over my shoulders looking through the telescope. okay so maybe he gorgeous sitting there in living room watching T.V why do i have fancy bad boys, to be fair he only under suspicious that he knows where the killer Malcolm Rogers lives & has no priors so he might be all that of a bad boy.
it was on of those heart-shaking horror movie screams that woke me from my slumber of this gutted out old apartment. i look through the telescope to see a man on the floor of the living & someone standing over him.
fuck Jesus, what should i do, grabbing my gun from the small table i called in backup remembering just in time that i am a cop i begin to run.
what time was it? how long have i been asleep, Jesus there only one exit he might still in the house! i crept along the porch to the door my gun down at my side, i try to remember to breathe as the door opened. following my training i call out telling whoever that i am police & that i am armed hearing nothing i began to walk steadily to each room checking out each dark nook of each room, finding the living room i saw him, the handsome & mysterious Lee Jethro Malcolm Rogers buddies on his back in the middle of the room on his wooden floor, blood was coming from his side his eyes closed i moved close seeing that he had no pulse, i didn't notice someone coming from behind knocking me off my feet, smashing into the TV, i got my to knees & shot one round into a tall man i believed to be Jethro, he had blood on his hands already. but he didn't fall down he just stumbled & stared. "You are cute." he looked huskily then as if they ache behind my eyes was making me looking harder at this solid bone of man he opened his mouth, no,no you still dreaming you cow, wake up,
"I wondering if i should get keep you or....well on the plus size you are pretty, those eyes."
"Stay away from me!" i was shaking me shaking!
"Cant resist you, i going to save you. you come to like me more soon don't worry." his eyes glinted of sliver i cant see his eyes in the dark the street light showed me more of his strange mouth, i just couldn't move. but he did over to me crunching his teeth into my neck, his hands into my hair.... the pain lasted seconds while the pull to have my arms around his neck lasted decades.

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About This Story
28 Dec, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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