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Your veins strong in your arms, your aroma of cigarettes and lust. You spoke with a confidence that swayed me, because im the opposite. I stay down, and quiet. There was something about you, something that trapped me. It was the way you looked at me, but I was young. Naïve. I fell for you from the start and I never stopped. It was an endless fall, but it wasn’t the fall that ended me, it was you.

You always told me about your interests. You liked tattoos, cars, hunting. Manly things. You liked to go hunting though, it wasn’t just animals. At first when you were younger you were naïve, just like me.

You fell for a girl, and she, the lioness broke your heart and you became trapped within her sultry love. You fantasized about her, let her break your bones and crunch them in her mouth. Gave her each limb of your body, and your young love. It was tasteless in her mouth though, and she threw you back with the other pile of bones.

I’ve always had an interest with you, but I never had the courage. As time grew, and after she broke you, I became more curious. Eventually I gently made my way to you, and you didn’t turn it down. My youngness turned womanly, and I nurtured you and seduced you, but that was all you wanted from me.

On and off you hunted me, because that’s what you enjoyed, the thrill of the hunt. I fell more and more for you, a bloody mess. I gave you my everything. I tore myself to pieces and ripped myself apart just to give you a taste of something you didn’t want, just like her. The lioness. She taught you her ways and just like her, you tore me apart and stalked me.

I didn’t feel pain though, just bleedings of endless love as you tore me to shreds. I laid there, as you took my soul, because you ate my heart. It’s yours forever, and you still take a bite out of it every now and again. I became an addict to the pain you’ve caused me and learned to love the raw taste.

You slowly began breaking me down, and I wonder if that’s what you enjoyed the most? Knowing how much I loved you and how much power you had over me. That’s not the only thing though, you tore me to shreds like a lion, but you’re a broken man. A coward.

The truth is nobody ever gave you the taste I did. Nobody ever gave you the taste of love and passion the way I did. You loved the taste of me, and you couldn’t let it go. Not wanting my love, but you didn’t want loneliness either. Our love was always broken and never right.

You told me it was love but in the end, you were the hunter and I was the hunted. You shot me right in the brain and killed me. It wasn’t your brutality and viciousness that killed me though. It was the way you effortlessly ripped out and bit into my heart, sucking the life right out of me, and leaving my body helpless and my eyes glassy and dead. Always looking into yours and never away. The thrill of the kill.

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22 Nov, 2017
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2 mins
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