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Stalker~ Part 1
Stalker~ Part 1

Stalker~ Part 1

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Scarlet Mann lay by her outdoor pool, basking in the sun. Scarlet was a rich, spoiled 18 year old, adored by everyone. Her phone rang, and an unknown number popped up on the screen, 078 3269 0010. "Just another admirer," she sighed, switching off her phone. Then, 2 seconds later, it rang again. And again. And again, the same number coming up each time. Scarlet rolled her eyes and sat up on her lounger. "Ugh, who is it?" She asked, picking up the phone. "Scarlet Mann, I'm such a fan." The barely audible voice on the phone said. "Look, I get it. But I really dont date fans," Scarlet said, hanging up. The, a second later, the phone rang again. This time Scarlet answered immediatly. "I will ask you not to hang up until I am finished, Scarlet. Now, where was I?" Scarlet's eyes went wide. "Ah yes. Scarlet Mann, I'm such a fan. Your beauty is profound. Soon you'll be dead as a stone, lying cold on the ground." " this is..a..a...prank?" Scarlet stuttered nervously. "I think you'll find that I am serious. Deadly serious, in fact. I just have one thing i must say before I go." "Y-yes?" "Those sunglasses look so cute on you!" With that, the mystery caller hung up. Scarlet then looked around her, burst into tears, jumped in her car, and drove to her friends house. Just as she pulled into the driveway... her phone began to rang.

Author Notes: This is my first attempt at a continuous story so hope its not trash!

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16 Feb, 2020
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