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Stalker~ Part 2
Stalker~ Part 2

Stalker~ Part 2

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Scarlet banged on her friend Abby's door. "ABBY LET ME IN ABBY!" She shrieked frantically, her eyes full of tears. Suddenly, the door opened a crack. "Scarlet? Is that you?" Abby whispered. "Yes it is! Please let me in!" Scarlet replied. Abby pushed the door open, grabbed Scarlet, pulled her inside, and bolted the door behind her. "Abby? Are you okay?" Scarlet asked, concered. "Keep your voice down!" Abby whisper shouted. "Okay!" Scarlet whispered in respose, "Now, whats wrong?" Abby looked around nervously, and then said, "This morning, I got a phone call from an unknown number, 078 3269 0010, so I left it unanswered. Then the same caller kept on calling me so i answered in case it was important. But when i answered, a voice said: "Abby Hart, you're so smart, your wisdom is profound. Soon you'll be as dead as a stone-" "Lying dead, on the ground..." Scarlet finished. "You got the same phone call?" Abby asked. "..Yup...that's why I'm here." 10 minutes later, the two girls had locked every door and every window in Abby's house. "Ok, now no one can get in!" Abby smiled. "But how do we get out?" Scarlet questioned. "We wont need to! Everything we need is here in this house!" Just then, both of their phones rang. Scarlet answered hers immediatly. "Hello again Scarlet!" The voice said. "Who are you?" Scarlet shouted into her phone. "Dear Scarlet, I cannot tell you that. But could you please tell Abby to pick up her phone?" Scarlet looked at Abby and said, "Um... I can't shes at her house." "Tut tut tut! Liar liar! I'll set you on fire!" The voice said, "I know you two are right beside eachother. And tell Abby not to worry, she doesnt need to cry." With that, the mystery caller hung up. Abby wiped her eyes and looked at Scarlet. "Scarlet...." Abby whispered, "We need to go."

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17 Feb, 2020
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