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Brittany's love for nail polish, makeup, and perfume soon permeates Finley's bedroom. "I need to show you something."

My favorite skincare on the planet they have a new moisturizer. Reveal poreless translucent and illuminated glass skin.

"I love shooting and I love creating these campaigns." Says him.

Skin and Pat Oh! (Esclamation). It say gently pat into the skin for optimal Absorb. It look shiny compared to this side.

My skin is looking really glossy very glass like.

Glitter eye shadows and glitter glossy lips.

After a moment, I let myself fall back onto the ground and take in a deep breath. If you don’t look too close, they almost look like fireflies. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of small, glowing, dancing fireflies.


That...I woke up the other day and I was like…, " this for real?

I was nominated for a Shorty Award. Now, If you are like, " What the hell is that?", The story award is basically like the Grammy' for social media.

So basically, it is a bunch of categories like best Vlog of the Year, biggest YouTube channel,

and they also have a category for who is the #Youtube guru of the year, And I have a lot of friends that are in the same. Shout out to Miss Fame. Now, you know I love reviewing highlighters.

Anything new, beautiful, weird crazy, I wanna review it. This is allegedly a iridescent blush highlighter.

Ok, so it is a really, really pastel pink color. You know I love the amazing pink.

Now, this one, I don't know if they are the first brand to ever create somethings like this.

This says that this rose is a beautiful, delicate collection that combines spring Parisian pastels with the hot make-up trend on highlighting.

It says: Get the latest on-trend glow look, through the most elegant and the vintage methodology.Encapsulated in 50's French inspired Bijou box, is a new generation highlighting luminous powder.

The powder is evenly dispersed amongst the rose petals, okay...inside the box.

Use a Kabuki brush to pick up the perfect amount of formula for a perfect, even glow. It say gently swirl the brush in a circular motion around the rose petals to pick up the formula.

Then use the brush to apply on top of the cheekbones, center of the chin, bridge on the nose...everywhere. For added highlight, use on fingers to add the powder under the brow or inner corner of the eye.Alright, so here is the brush. Let's go for a zoom in and see how

much powder actually even picks up on the brush, and let'a see what happens.Ok, now it is fully coated, and let me just take a mirror, and let's see what happens.

There is a little bit of pigment.

I mean, it's buildable. I mean. I don't think this is supposed to be, like a metallic,

blinding from Nasa, outer space satellite moment, but I was expecting, like, a little bit more, like...rawr.

It's almost like baby powder too. I'm gonna touch it with my finger. Oh, oh yeah, It's very like, chalky, powdery. Let's put this over my tattoo and see what it looks like.

Yeah, it's almost like baby powder.

It actually did highlight a little bit. It looks pretty, actually.

I think I expected I little bit more blinding, like, glitter moment craziness.

And this as, like, obviously made my cheekbone brighter and I think almost whiter. So I actually does kind of work, I am pleasantly surprised. So.

I breathe in slowly one last time and my eyes flash open. I jump to my feet, feverishly

tugging a stardust dagger from my upper arm out and pointing it vaguely in front of me.

I lean my back against the window and breathe in slowly, rubbing at my eyes, before tugging it open and tumbling inside. I take in a gulping breath and rest my hand over my pounding heart. I let my eyes fall closed and breathe out a relieved sigh.

Just as I’m about to push myself up, I hear the sound of my window sliding open a bit more. My heart freezes.

Everything is present. Not a single part is missing.

But slowly she relaxes into his world. He nods his head to music she has never heard before. He calls out the names of artists and sound tracks. "This is the real stuff," he says.

She tries lifting herself up onto the car bonnet. He is testing her, must be testing her. Sometimes, this is the way to love and be loved.

It is as easy as breaking a Barbie doll apart.

Life seems a row of glass windows on which she slides, leaping, reaching, appearing, and disappearing. She is a mere reflection.

She has not wanted to accept that word. Depression.

You feel, not for the first time, that your life is a reality show, and though the audience despises you with every fiber of their being, nobody ever looks away.”

“You try to step around someone, but they mirror your movement, and it’s awkward. Why are you like this? What’s wrong with you? You apologize for the third time in less than five minutes.”

You feel, not for the first time, that your life is a reality show, and though the audience despises you with every fiber of their being, nobody ever looks away.” I shiver. “Well, at least you’re getting creative.”

“You are the only one who can hear Anxiety Bot, so every shopper in the aisle startles at the sound of your voice and turns to look at you at the exact same moment. You are frozen, pinned in place by the collective weight of so many stares. “They’re looking at you like you’re a car that’s lying upside down on the side of the road.

Brittany's journey through darkness teaches use all that forgiveness.

Finley sees forgiveness not as a obligation, but as a gift: ' I believe is the greatest gift you can give yourself'.?

"Whenever I felt angry or sad, I didn't want direct it at him, because that would bring him back into my life.

What I wanted was the ability go to through those emotions, as powerful as they are, with my family and my friends and my loved ones".

"My faith tradition is that they live on. In a sense, I felt like I was being watched. And I felt

that they wanted me to be happy".

"I rarely socialized and had few functioning relationship".

She finally underwent therapy to find answer as to why she was feeling so lost - Why she lived in a perpetual state of emotional pain, anxiety and depression.

"When we talk about the forgiveness and the healing process, she is a big part of that for


"I think that that's part of the forgiveness process, too - coming to that place where I'm grateful that I got my struggles at the beginning of my life, because now look what I can do. And I really am grateful for that."

Brittany taught me that forgiveness doesn't always required reconciliation - that reading that relationship isn't necessary, or may not be appropriate, for moving on with your life.

But you allow yourself to talk about the situation, you may discover, that forgiving is in better


Ever after everything he had done, that she would still want to have a conversation with him showed me that looking past the unimaginable - perhaps even unforgivable - actions of an individual to lend a helping hand or a listening ear can make all the difference in the world to someone in pain.

She knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. Their fair-tale life had begun; they were madly in love.

Perhaps as with all frightful dreams, amaniso, he had to talk about it to destroy its power—though in this case nothing could stop the dream from being real.

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