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Stay Part-Three
Stay Part-Three

Stay Part-Three

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Rueben's pov.)

The hallway floorboards creak, I pull the thick blanket over my head. The door creaks open, the floorboards creak, and then the bed squeaks as someone plops down onto it. "Are you awake?" Barrett's quiet voice asks in the dark of the room. "Yes but I am trying to sleep, so be quiet." He laughs, "before you go to sleep I have to talk with you."

I turn over, the blanket still securely over my head. "There are some rumors going around school," He pauses like he wants me to fill in the rest but I stay silent. "About you. I was wondering if they were true?" I take a deep breath, pull the blanket away, and sit up. "Yes. They are true." He stares at me.

"What happened to you?" He steps closer, like he wants to touch the bruises all on my face. Unconsciously I flinch away, he swallaws. "I am not going to hurt you." He haunches down in front of me, reachings his fingers out, and touching the tips of them to the bruise covering the left side of my face. "Does it hurt?" I nod slightly,"just a little."

"Let's get you an icepack. I will not tell mom, she is working late." I nod,he takes my hand, and we walk down the stairs. "Up on the counter," I do as he says, and hiss as he presses the cold ice pack to the bruise. "It is okay." He reassures me and smiles up at me. "We can hide it with some make-up." I nod,"thank you."

He smiles,"of course."

Author Notes: Hope you like it

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Lemon Drop
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10 Dec, 2020
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1 min
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