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Stay, Please
Stay, Please

Stay, Please

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Amaka's hands swayed carelessly at the wardrobe as she quietly, but quickly packed her belongings from her bf's apartment.
She looked horrible, her pretty teenage face was bloated, they was a crack on her lower lip, and it appeared to be bleeding.
She licked her lips slowly and spat the content on the cold tiled floor.
Her beryl gown was slightly faded, and little laceration could be seen on some corners of her dress.
Shred of tiny threads dangling all over her.
The fabric used to sew the cloth was weak from constant usage, and she reeked of perspiration and grime.
Day old stains could be seen on her damaged cloth too.
Her whole appearance was an eyesore,
but she didn't care about other people's opinion about her, she was very strong minded, and an ardent woman.
But most times her emotions wins her over, and she cries helplessly over the dark hours of the night.
She finished packing her belongings, tears streaming down her dark eyes, leaving a dark slime of mascara down her cheeks, she has experienced hell living with him.
A smooth voice brought her back to reality, "you don't have to leave baby. I promise I'm gonna change".
Amaka ignored him, she was tired of his empty promises.
She made a swift move towards the door, but he stood in front of her, his eyes glistening as bright light from the patched curtain shone on them.
"Please don't go, i beg of you" he said sadly. "I am literally nothing without you".
Amaka insides hurt, she tried to control her emotions, but she was frantically failing, something about him today was amiss, his apologies felt real.
But still, she kept quiet. "Please say something" he rasped. "Your silence is killing me".
Still she didn't say a single word, her head was bent down.
"I quit drinking today. I swear i won't come home drunk and lay..."
He stopped and winced at the thought, the thought of him coming home late at night, heavily drunk and beating her, striking her, insulting her. His eyes were getting foggy, he sniffed.
Finally, Amaka gave way, her emotions won her over.
Tears rolled down her chubby cheeks, she sniffed severally and coughed bitterly, and more tears rolled down her face.
He tried to wipe her cheeks clean with his thumbs, but she stopped him abruptly.
"Don't you even think about it" she yelled at him, her voice sounded raw and harsh.
"Don't you dare touch me Emeka" she yelled again.
Emeka was taken back, the shock on his face was deadly, he couldn't put things in place.
Amaka heaved, then moved towards the door, Emeka didn't stop her, his eyes were glassy, one single blink, and tears will roll down his face.
He watched in awe as Amaka opened the door, slightly ajar, she turned back and looked at him.
The expression on his face melted her heart, she wanted to stay, she wanted to jump into his inviting arms and cry all day long. But she stopped herself, she resisted the urge to do that. There's a strength in letting go, she told herself.
With that decision being made, she turned away, walked out the front door, and shutting it slowly behind her.
And that was it, she was out of Emeka's life.

Author Notes: The things we've sacrificed for love.

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28 Mar, 2018
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2 mins
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