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Stay With Me Part One
Stay With Me Part One

Stay With Me Part One


Darius hadn’t known what he was getting himself into when he agreed to this. He hadn’t thought that he would wake up in a stranger's bed, it was just a few drinks. He was unsure of how this entire thing had begun, he didn’t remember anything.

All he knew was that he was in a strange house next to a strange person and he was in slight pain. He swung his feet onto the carpeted floor, glad that it would cover the sound of his footfalls. He had almost made it to his underwear which lay abandoned on the floor, when a mumbling crying sound caught his attention.

The man was beautiful; lanky body curled up in the sheets, slightly parted pink lips, a crown of curly black hair, and high cheekbones. The man began twisting and turning, breathing heavily. Darius was unsure of why he did it but he didn’t pause to think. He settled himself onto the other man's hips, holding him down. He pinned the struggling man's hands above his head, his eyes snapped open. They were ochre brown, beautiful.

“Who are you?” the man questioned in a sleepy voice. “I could ask you the same thing,” Darius responded. “Why are you on top of me?” The man's voice was frantic. Darius swung off of him, watching cautiously. “I’m Darius, who are you?” He questioned, trying his best to be polite. “I’m Anster. “ The strange man replied, tugging the sheets up to his neck.

“D-do you remember anything?” Anster questions, hiding his face in his palms. “Not much. Are you okay?” Darius questions, reaching out. Anster jumps away,Darius pulls away. “I don’t ever do this. You have to understand,” the man groaned out. “Me either. Do you want me to go?” Darius questions, not wanting to over step his welcome. “Um, no. Do you mind staying, just so we can figure things out.” Darius nodded in response to Anster’s rambling.

“Do you want me to go to the living room?” Darius questioned, ready to collect his things. “You've already seen everything,” Anster replied, swallowing the lump in his throat. “Anster, have you ever done anything?” Darius questioned, close to a panic attack. “Yes, but i-it wasn’t my choice.” Anster replies, he was unsure of why he told a stranger but the man seemed comforting. Slowly, cautiously Darius wrapped a long arm around Anster. Anster was surprised that the simple act did not cause him to jerk away but instead to lean into the man.

Anster restś his head on the stranger's shoulder. Darius traces Anster’s spine, comfortingly. “Have you talked with anyone about this?” Darius coaxes, becoming what his job title depicts him to be. ¨No, why would I?¨ Anster replies, building his fallen walls back up with every word. ¨You should. I am a psychiatrist, I could recommend someone for you to talk to. You cannot talk to me because of the conflict of interest.¨ Darius explains, his breathing rustiling Anster´s hair.

¨How about I give you my number and you call me if you need anything?¨ Darius suggests, frightened by Anster´s quiet nature. ¨Do you have to leave now?¨ Anster questioned, voice quiet as a mouse. ¨No, I am off today. Would you like me to stay?¨ Darius questioned, smoothing the hair on his forehead back. ¨I don't want to make you do anything that you are uncomfortable with because you feel bad for me. I don't want pity.¨ Anster exclaims, moving away. He pulls the sheets back up over his chest, embarrassed in the morning light.

¨Anster,¨ Darius responds. Anster doesn't look back at him but closes his eyes instead. ¨Anster, you don't make me uncomfortable.” Darius held out his hand, palm up. Anster stared down at it, cautiously. Confusion flickering across his stone face for a fragment of time; Then, as if caught by the sudden urgency of it all he took Darius´s hand.

Darius smiled gently at him, rubbing his thumb over Anster´s knuckles. ¨Would you like to get a shower and I can cook for you?¨ Darius questioned, retreating back into who his friends thought him to be. ¨Okay. You can borrow some clothes.¨ Anster replied, obviously uncomfortable with getting up and exposing himself. Darius knew what he looked like and he was proud; muscular, lean, freckles, dirty-blonde hair, ice-green eyes, and 5´6.

Darius got to his feet and walked over to his underwear pulling them on. He busied himself with opening the drawers of Anster´s dresser; he pulled on a long black shirt. ¨Okay,thank you.¨ Darius said and turned to walk out. Anster had the sheets pulled up to cover his waist and everything below it. Darius was totally unsure of why he did what he did next but that didn't stop his feet from moving all the same. Darius pressed his lips to Anster´s forehead and grazed his fingers over his cheekbones.

Anster stared up at him half-shocked, half-happy. ¨Kiss me,¨ he whispered. They came out as a breathless bundle of stuck together words but Darius understood. He took a seat next to Anster, holding his face in his hands as if it were made of glass. Darius closed his eyes tight and pressed his lips to Anster´s. Anster was frozen; eyes open wide-confused, hands curled in his lap. Darius pulled away, turning from Anster in a quick fluid moment.

Anster reached out, curling his long fingers around Darius´ wrist. Darius smiled down at him and settled back into his seat. ¨I am sorry. I don´t do well with these type of things.¨ Anster spoke, keeping his fingers tight on Darius, afraid he would run away. Anster was confused; he hadn't ever liked physical touch since the accident, he hated people. He had no friends, he locked himself away. He knew why he had went out to the bar last night but he shoved that mere thought away, it was stupid.

¨I am not really hungry and I don't want a shower. Can you kiss me, again?¨ The words were clear and they stunned Anster as they let his lips. He had never felt such urgency to have someone hold him. Darius simply nodded and once again in ten minutes pressed his mouth to Anster´s. This time was different, simply because Anster kissed back.

Darius was surprised, caught back. Anster was kissing him; soft lips moving against his, long fingers clutching at his shoulders, and eyes closed. The kiss went on for a long while but eventually they had to come up for air. Their foreheads were pressed together, Anster´s arms woven tightly around Darius, Darius´ hands curled into lucious black locks. ¨Anster,are you okay?¨ Darius questioned, nerves erupting in his body.

¨Yes, are you?¨ Anster replied, causing Darius to erupt in laughter. Anster smiled and he felt as if the entire world was lifted off of his shoulders, simply by the sound of Darius´ laughter. ¨Can you lie with me?¨ Anster questioned, to which Darius replied by lying down. Anster lied down beside him, trailing his fingers lightly over Darius´ hands.

¨Why didn't you leave?” Anster questioned, closing his eyes and awaiting the blow. ¨You needed me. If you want me to go I can.¨ Anster clutched at Darius´ hands.

¨No, stay.¨

Author Notes: Thank you for reading.

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19 Aug, 2021
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6 mins
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