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Stay With Me
Stay With Me

Stay With Me

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My eyes flutter open as I wake up. I sit up and stretch, my body aching from sleeping in a hospital chair. I look over at Chris, still sound asleep. I watch him sleep. He looks so peaceful. He's been having more nightmares since we came to the hospital, but right now it looks like his nightmares have given him a break.

Four months. He's been here for four months. I was able to leave (although I rarely did) but he had to stay here. I think back to the days when we would hang out at his house. Back when he played his guitar and I sang to our favorite songs. Back when we'd tease eachother about silly things. Back when he didn't have a brain tumor.

I pull myself away from the memories and back to the present. I walk over to where he rests and kiss him softly on his head. I think about his growing tumor and start to cry softly. As if sensing my despair he wakes up. I wipe the tears from my eyes and sit next to him.

"Sorry I woke you." I apologize.

"What are you talking about?" He asks grinning. He yawns, "I was already wide awake." He says while stretching. I chuckle softly. He looks at me with those gorgeous pale grey eyes.

I guess I'm not good at concealing my sorrow because his smile falters.

"Whats wrong my love?" He asks looking at me with concern. I lean over and hug him. I squeeze my eyes shut and say,

"Promise you won't leave me." Hesitantly, he wraps his arms around me. I hug him tighter burrying my face in his hospital gown. He strokes my hair. We stay embraced, neither of us wanting to disrupt the peace.

After a while he leans his head next to my ear.

"You know I can't do that Tessa." He whispers. I know he's being honest, but just the thought of him leaving makes a fresh wave of tears come pouring out. He kisses my head.

Even though I can't see his face I know he's crying too.

Author Notes: Enjoy! I'm thinking about making a part 2. :)

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12 Feb, 2021
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