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Stevie Nicks and a Horse With No Name
Stevie Nicks and a Horse With No Name

Stevie Nicks and a Horse With No Name

BeowulfAnthony E

I have a little horse, that is a little hoarse

She has a cough and a cold

But if you ask my little horse, if she is hoarse

My little horse will definitely say no


It’s hard to listen to my little horse, when she is hoarse

Her horsey throat is dry I think

But my little horse, is just thirsty of course

She just needs a sink and a drink


She sings, my little horse, while alone in the forest

Her raspy sound is heard through the sticks

If you listened to my little horse, and her voice that is hoarse

You would ask, Is that Stevie Nicks?


A music producer of course, would want my little horse

Like Stevie, she could go her own way

It'd be tough on my little horse, there’d be a Landslide or worse,

So I closed the barn, and that’s where she’ll stay


Author Notes: If you liked AIRPLANE! You might hate this.

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
19 May, 2020
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<1 min
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