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Still Breathing
Still Breathing

Still Breathing

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Pretending it's all alright but I'm crushed inside never letting out all these screams all the tears I have how am I still breathing how am I awake what is this feeling it never seems to shake carefully I talk to you trying to figure things out I may not know this feeling but without a doubt I'm still breathing this misty air and I'm still breathing even when you go elsewhere what did I expect from the one I can't forget cause I'm still breathing this air with you can't seem to grasp all the times we had they have come to past and I'm all alone but you're still breathing the cold misty air and you're still breathing without a care not knowing what's waiting not a care in the world knowing I'm not still breathing the same air I'm not still breathing your same air knowing that I'm gone could you go one if I stop breathing the misty air and your still holding me as I lay there with that rain falling down it's all I've ever needed cause you're still breathing the air and I may be leaving but your still there and if I ever had the choice I'd do it again and again if you're still breathing that everything right there if I'm not breathing I still care as long as you're alive I know you can move on because you're the only one I want still breathing even though I'm not around still breathing all the molecules in the air even though I'm far away I'm not there anymore all I ever need is you (still breathing) still breathing

Author Notes: That's how I had it in my doc, and I was too lazy to fix it. Maybe I'll do some editing, but not right now. Thx for viewing.

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30 Aug, 2019
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