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Stolen Breaths
Stolen Breaths

Stolen Breaths


"You can run but you can't hide!" shouted a voice from behind, echoing as it passed through the empty streets. Out of breath, Alexander struggled to control his breathing while hiding behind a few broken crates. The footsteps grew louder and louder, slowly making their way to his small hiding place. His heart raced as he held his breath, not daring to even breathe.

"Hey! I think I saw him over here!" called out another voice. The footsteps nearby came to a sudden halt.

"Really? I could have sword I saw him run over here," the man near him shouted back.

"I saw silver hair. It's got to be him or the girl. We should at least catch one of them," another from far back stated. The man sighed and began to walk towards the others; the sound of his footsteps fading. When silence filled the air for what felt like hours, Alexander let himself breathe again. His heart still beating as fast as ever. He glanced down at his loose white shirt and pale pants that matched his white-silver hair-- hospital clothes. He shuddered at the thought of going back.

Cautiously, he rose from his spot and glanced around. Suddenly, a scream pierced through the air, causing him to jump back into hiding, fearing the worst.

"Let me go!" a voice shouted. The familiar voice was mixed with sobs and screams. It pained Alexander to hear the desperation in her voice as they hauled her back to the place they called home. He could hear the struggle and the fight she was putting up, questioning if he should help her. He couldn't let her be taken back. They were in this together. To escape from the people who constantly experimented on them. He needed her with-

"I found you."

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22 Nov, 2017
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1 min
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