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By djreed7100 - 1 Review

Where do you go you can go anywhere.  The trick here is the fact that you maybe have a few hundred bucks somewhere to do so.  In this rat race I ran for thirty some odd years.  Surrendering every night thinking I've gotten somewhere but, ... .  Think of a little brother acting annoying in order to annoy you.  You simply snare his head in to your tight, firm grip.  Then as your chomping down on some chemical marshmallows coated with milk all the while reading the paper, you simply hold him at. bay for the duration of your stay at the table.  He may get in a scratch or two but he remains motionless.  Akin to the little brother effect, I ran full speed yet remained still, frozen almost.  Lost in my minds wanderings. 

However I posses what any man posses.  Any man, anywhere, can also partake in the magic process, imagination.  We as a human race would be somewhere around pre- historic times without it.   Imagination breeds creation.  We mere humans can create.  Although nobody has any knowledge of a god, we can at least create as a God must have.  A god like power must be.  Rocks, ants, lions,  or any living creatures cannot create, they simply eat, breathe and pro create.  Only we can change the atmosphere, and have.  No animal besides us can say: learn sign language.  Humans can communicate with all.  They can communicate because of will.  A will to find whatever way to do whatever it is, is singularly human.  This primal insistence over comes you and you begin to shoot straight at your goal, whatever it may be.  You've heard people say often about a miraculous accomplishments, 'I never dreamed it possible.' 
Imagination does not know fear or doubt.  It sheds all such things in order to advance, only to advance.  Upon this advancement, many seemingly impossible actions become rather matter of fact like.  Our minds can and will break through any barriers which approaches.   The only debatable fact is just when it will happen.  Executing your wills way is inevitable.  

It appears to me that the more singular or wind streamed your will, the farther, stronger and faster it unfolds. 

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24 Jun, 2015
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