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By Aaronlime1

In 1420, In a city very far away, Nalfar was a beautiful and thriving city, Nalfar was ruled by King Zartomus, King Zartomus had a very beautiful daughter, Princess Ralaina, some say that the only thing that was more beautiful than the City of Nalfar was King Zartomus's Daughter. In the City of Nalfar they celebrated every good occasion, and had a very big festival. On this specific festival it was Princess Ralaina's Sixteenth birthday.
Needless to say everyone came to this tremendous event. Everyone came to see
Princess Ralaina's Sixteenth Birthday, Dukran, Lamian, Ekko and many other.
Most of the night was filled with Dukran secretly trying to find some way to get Princess Ralaina to be his wife but the Princess has turned him down many times in the past but that wasn’t about to stop Dukran from trying. The Princess was seen with Lamian the whole night talking and laughing, Now, Lamian doesn’t live in the City of Nalfar, he lives in a small village a couple of miles away from Nalfar, In the Lost Village, But Lamian wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Even though Princess Ralaina and Lamian lived so far away they still managed to keep in touch through Mail carriers on horseback. Princess Ralaina really wanted him to come to the festival even though King Zartomus didn’t let "outsiders" Come to the festival because of the Fearlocks that live just twenty miles from the city of Nalfar, But King Zartomus let Lamian come because he knew that Princess Ralaina really liked Lamian. Lamian was a bit thrilled about this day considering King Zartomus wont let the Princess officially date until she is sixteen so Lamian was trying to build up the courage the whole night, But right when Lamian built up the courage to ask her to date him he hears the King's assistant's voice threw the Large ram horn saying that the Festival was over. Lamian was reluctant but said goodbye to princess Ralaina and left the city and headed back to his Village. It was now 12:00 midnight and Princess Ralaina was talking to her friend all night about Lamian and how much she likes him. No more than an hour later she hears footsteps out at the Front corridors, so she decided to go out and see who was up, it was by her surprise to see five black figures wearing masks and swords on their hips Princess Ralaina knowing something was not right she tries to run to her room but she sees another black figure, she looks at him and said with awe "Its you, leave me alone...."her voice is distorted by the black suited figures hand. The black suited figure said in a whisper "don't even dare try and yell my name". They put some chemical on a piece of cloth covering her mouth and nose, after some time of struggling she gets knocked out, and they drag her across the corridors and put her on horseback on her stomach while she has her hands tied she is taken away during the night. Now when the morning
comes the Kings servants hear the king let out a shriek they quickly come to his aid and see the King holding the covers with a tear in his eye and a grip in his fist. The assistant comes into the room and sees him and
quickly tells him that he should have a town meeting, and King Zartomus was trying to gain his composure while agreeing to his assistants suggestion and tell his assistant to call all the people of the city to come to the
Town Meeting. After everyone in the city gets settled in the Town square, the king announces "Princess Ralaina has been taken by unknown forces". Everyone in the crowd was looking at each other with confusion and started yelling
with awe. The assistant tells them to quiet down. The king begins to speak again. Announcing "If there is anyone who
has any idea where princess Ralaina is, to speak up now please" the crowd started watching and waiting but saw no one go up to the king and speak up and tell the King where the Princess was. The king, Thinking that no one knew left the
front and his assistant announced that the Town Meeting was over. The king not knowing what to do he let out a big roar he heard someone say with a calm voice "Hey Zartomus" and quickly turned around replying "Yes, What is it" right when the
king turned around he saw Dukran, Dukran looked at him and said "I know where The Princess is" the king replied softly, Where? Dukran said with a happy look in his eye, Ill tell you only if you give me permission to marry your daughter.
King demanded, Where is she. Dukran replied, She was taken by the Fearlocks, King Zartomus said with awe, How do you know this, Dukran said with a half smile, I heard them last night in your front corridors. King Zartomus demandingly asked,
Why didn’t you stop them, Dukran replied, they had already gone when i got to the front corridors, I can rescue her on one condition I get Princess Ralaina’s hand in marriage.
The King said with a roar, No i will not, it is her decision weather or not she will marry you. Dukran said with a condescending tone, Fine if you would like your precious daughter to get tortured and killed by the treacherous Fearlocks be my guest but personally I think you should let me take her hand in marriage if i can prove to you and her that I am a worthy protector of her then will you let me take her hand? The King said with disappointment, Okay you can have her hand, just save my daughter. The next day Dukran sees Lamian talking to his friend Ekko he tells Ekko, Not knowing that Princess Ralaina was taken yet, I can't believe I’ve found a wonderful girl as her,
Dukran looking at them from a distance with a devilish grin on his face slowly backs up and goes to the Kings castle. Dukran looks at the king and tells him, The Fearlocks are using an insider, King Zartomus looking a bit confused, what do you
mean by "insider"? Someone that knows the Princess is helping the Fearlocks, Who, King said with confusion. Dukran replied, Lamian, The one who lives in The Lost Village. King said, How do you know this, do you have any proof? or are you just going on an assumption? Dukran looked at him with his best concerned face and said, C'mon think about it, He's an outsider, he only come to our city to come and see her and her alone, and look at him, he just looks like someone who would help a race like
The Fearlocks. King looked at the papers in front of him; you know that does make a lot of sense actually. King Zartomus calls for him assistant, Can you tell the guards to be on the lookout for Sir Lamian, Dukran added and Ekko, He is friends with Lamian, he
might know where he is. King replied, Yes yes and Ekko. His assistant said yes and quickly looked for the guards. As Lamian and Ekko are riding to Princess Ralaina’s castle he gets stopped by the usual Blockade guards, Lamian thinking that it's just going to be the same old routine, Shows the guard a pass Ralaina has given him so he can get through without hassle. But the guard says, you’re going to have to come with us, both of you. Lamian and Ekko look at each other and Lamian looks back at the guard and tries to reassure him, I'm Lamian, a friend of Princess Ralaina. The guard looks at them and says, I'm sorry but it's not up to me the King gave me an order. Well Lamian and Ekko thinking there must be some confusion or that this must be one big mistake, Agrees to go with the guard to see the king to hopefully get this all sorted out. They get taken to the king an the
King looks at Lamian and Lamian looks back and lets out a nervous laugh, King Zartomus, Tell them that this is just one big misunderstanding. King Zartomus, Replied,
What have you done with my daughter? Lamian looks up at Zartomus, What do you mean? What’s going on? Dukran started talking before Zartomus got the chance,
You know very well what’s going on Lamian. Lamian looked at Zartomus after Dukran stopped talking, King Zartomus what’s going on what happened to Princess Ralaina. The King replied, She has been taken by you and your men. Lamian with a stunned look on his face replies, What do you mean my men? You think that I kidnapped her? Why would I do such a thing? I care about her. Dukran said immediately, Oh yeah you care about her enough to take her from everyone and everything. Lamian looks with a plea, Please king you must believe me. I’m sorry Lamian but you are a big suspect right now, I’m going to have to put you in jail until we find the perpetrator. Lamian tells the king, Please if you put me in jail I won’t be able to find and save Princess Ralaina. Its okay Lamian, Dukran will find her and save her. Does her know where she is? Yes replied the King, Dukran said that he saw that it was the Fearlocks that took her away during the night. King please said Lamian, There is no way that Dukran can handle the Fearlocks alone, he’s going to get her and himself killed with his recklessness. The king tells him You’re staying in jail and that’s the end of that. Ekko is just sitting down not saying a word just waiting for Lamian to sit down and listen to him instead of King Zartomus. Ekko told Lamian that we should just wait a day or two. Lamian replies but if we wait that long she might already be dead, who’s to say she not dead already says Ekko. Don’t speak like that Ekko she’s not dead, said Lamian, How do you know that? I don’t know I can just feel it you know like something is telling me she is still alive and she wants me to help her. And I feel like I’m failing her because her father is making me stay in jail while she is out there somewhere. Well why don’t we just breakout of here Ekko suggested, you know we can Lamian. Lamian looked at Ekko with a look of gratefulness; Ekko asked do you want to?
Lamian with the same look of gratefulness replies, Yes anything for her.

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21 Apr, 2010
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9 mins
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