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Story About Grandmother

Story About Grandmother

By marie_an

Hi!my name is liandra,I'm 6 years old and I live in Los angeles,california my grandmother would be home soon from chicago.She would be home tomorrow for my birthday and she said she had a gift to me and she said she promise to me that she would be home early that I'm still sleeping,and when I wake up she would be there.Mom called me out to take a bath and go to sleep,I can't wait tomorrow.Til I wake up in the morning I was confused grandmother is not here yet but I'm just calming my mind,and 1 hour passes I'm still waiting.I ask mom why grandma is still not here,mom said "don't worry dear grandma will be home soon".Another 1 hour passes I'm still waiting,so I cried out,and I thought myself grandma would'nt make-it anymore".I go to sleep and dream about grandma that I'm just waiting her for just a minute and she's here,the door knock out and grandma is here "Oh!my sweet grandaughter I miss you"and grandmother hugs me and I go to sleep with my grandmother and had a good sleep.And I wake-up it was just a dream and a telephone rang's,mom get the phone and answer.Mom was serious crying and I was confused "what is it mom?" I asked,"my dear,don't shocked and don't cry","what is it mom?","grandma could not make-it to your birthday-but why?,grandmother is gone".Then I cry and cry like forever:(


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22 Dec, 2012
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1 min
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