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A Story Of Death.

A Story Of Death.

By Hephaestus

When I wake up I feel a throbbing pain in my skull. Why am I on the floor? I must have fallen and hit my head. "Uuugh" I groan. I shower and get dressed quickly. When I'm finished I have some cereal and yell good-bye to my dad and step-mother and run to catch the school bus. When I'm on I find a seat next to my best friend, Harriet. "Hi, Sarah." Harriet says. She is quiet, but really fun once you get to know her.          
"Hi." I say back. "Happy birth-day," she says "I got you something," Really? I think. She fishes a small white box from her back-pack ."You really didn't have to." What is it, I wonder. She opens the box to  show me, inside is a necklace. "It's a ruby, your birthstone." she says "Thank you, I love it." I can' belive I'm turning 13 years old.
The bus pulls to a stop and we all get off. My first class is history with Mr. Grace. At around  12:00 I go to the bathroom, then I hear an announcement about a lock-down, meaning there is a threat in the school. I run to my class but the door is locked. I try to stay hidden and calm, but it's hard when I feel like my heart will burst out of my chest. Then I hear foot-steps. I look around the corner and see a man with a gun coming at me. I look for anything I can use as a weapon, as quietly as I can I open my locker and take out a sharp pencil. I stay in the shadows and rush the man, luckily my nails are sharp so I slash-a fury of nails and led. The man bleeds but takes out his gun and shoots me in the throat.
All I see is black. I feel blood. This must be what it feels like to die, I feel no pain. I manage to choke out one last insult, "Go to Hell"

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29 Jan, 2015

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