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A Story of a loner guy on Facebook

A Story of a loner guy on Facebook

By magnaboy01

Boy: Hey!!! (:
Girl: Sup?
Boy: Nothing Much, You know the usual stuff (:
Girl: Ah ok.
Boy: Whatchu doing?
Girl: Facebook.
Boy: Oh Okay, (: hows love life?
Girl: I gtg bye ttyl .
Boy: Ah Okay :(
(this continued on the following 3 weeks straight boy keeps doing the same thing then suddenly the boy stops on talking to her)
2 days later...

Girl: Heyyy :D
Boy: Oh whats up?
Girl: Nothing much, How come u dont talk to me anymore?
Boy: Oh sorry about that, im just "sick"
Girl: Oh okay.....well i dont know why but i miss talking to you.
Boy: Oh thats good...well i have to go okay bye..

(following day....)

Boy is Online.

Girl: HEYYY whats up? <333
Boy: Oh who is this?
Girl: what? :O i cant believe u dont know me..:( What happened to you?
Boy: OH sorry this is just his friend, sorry to tell you but, He died, yesterday night..:(
Girl: "shocked" WTF?
Boy: Yes, he did, oh and u are the girl he was talking about...he made you a letter here ill send u the link...
Girl: Okay..T_T
Boy: "sends link"
Girl: : "clicks link" then reads the letter.


Dear Girl,

So far in my life, I have never seen any girl such as beautiful as you, sorry I am boring to talk to alot, and I just cant say the right words. I am deeply in love with you, Well I think im going now, I have this "sickness" that i have on. But i will still try and talk to you. And keep moving on. I love you so much, ur the best thing that ever happened in my life, I love it when i talk to you, even if its just a simple talk, Ill never forget you.


"at the bottom of the letter says, 2 weeks ago"

Girl: Burst in tears, and said, I love you too

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3 Feb, 2011
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