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a story of mine

a story of mine

By sasa_sexy

a girl named Alek was a very bright girl.She is the top in her day after their computer session her classmate Kim (a boy) called her.He told her "hey how are you?",she answered "What do you want from me huh ?".With that Kim laughed."okay fine i,ll catch to the chase then""Albert asked if he could court you?".
And this time it is Alek's turn to laugh.Albert was her classmate 2 years ago.She looked at him as her older brother but deep inside her she know that she has intimate feelings for him.So she told Kim"fine!!! if he just gave me two white roses tomorrow I'll be his girlfriend!!!"

That night she was so nervous yet excited of what will happen!!

At school, she was disappointed that nothing has happen!!!To her surprise,Albert joined her during lunch break saying "HI Alek ..Flowers for you!!"..She cant say anything instead she just hugged him,whispering to him words of thanks and love.
Tears were threatening but she avoided to shed them not wanting to make a fool out of her!!!

But wait!!! there's one conflict they must conquer to school's prefect !! will this relationship survive ???

Please rate to know what will happen next!!! SASA

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About This Story
29 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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