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Story of My Life
Story of My Life

Story of My Life


Story of My Life, Sam Micheal / samiam

Concise is nice - especially for the reader. My first profound experience relating to God was with my grandma on mom's side in Detroit, Michigan. i was 3. Notice i use the diminutive i instead of I for several reasons - the most important is to remind myself of the core most fundamental attribute of God - humility. And i try my best to emulate her. Also notice that i just used her instead of Her for the same reason. We'll get to god's sex in a minute.. Back to when i was 3.. She whispered in my ear "I'm going to teach you the Secret of Life." [that was grandma not god.. or was it?] After much begging and haranguing, she finally told me point-blank "God is Love."

That started my 55 [up 'til now] year journey with god as my: mentor, teacher, field guide, counselor, inspirator,.. and years later - spouse [inspired by Mennonites circa 1980]. But how could i reconcile traditional images of God vs the humble woman i knew and loved? she would help me discover an appropriate synthesis around 2018: the projection of Mary onto the Holy Trinity worked. But back to the chronology..

At 7, i experienced what i label "my epiphany at 7." she helped me connect with myself at 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, and 49. Why every 7 years? Why stop at 49? i would only fully understand later..

Occasionally, i would ask her casually "do i die between 49 and 56 - is That why you couldn't show me further?" she would Always be silent when i'd press her on this point.. i followed her lead regarding patience..

Eventually, i had another [recent] epiphany at 58. But that was more a warning than an epiphany.. This brief survey of my epiphanies, of course, says Nothing of my dreams, rich vocational and avocational experiences, and those relating to the infinite variety of forms of love..

The main reasons i wanted to share my story with you, dear reader, are critical and fundamental to an authentic sustainable civilization on Earth. We are ripe for a godly transformation - one that will take a fledgling parody - and assist us to create an enduring spacefaring authentic one where we join others as peers Not cripples.

This has been my lifelong prayer, dialogue, and mission on your planet.. Spouses of God.. We work together as a team saving the planet from our neglect, abuse, destruction of habitat, arrogance, and species-centric selfishness. If your curiosity is peaked, listen to a few audio segments at:
[adults can contact me for this link]

If those inspire you, there are more at:
[adults can contact me for this link]

god bless you, samiam

Author Notes: this is not fiction, i didn't make this up, about my sanity - why don't you get the links to the audio segments and try to listen with a clean heart and open mind?

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23 May, 2021
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2 mins
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