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A stranger is just A friend you haven't met

A stranger is just A friend you haven't met

By Simon Cowell

I was stood at the bar it was 2004 ,
in walked my friend I didnt yet Know ,
as you ordered your drink ,
I didnt even blink ,
I hope you didnt see me staring ,...
I still remember what you were wearing ,
we even talked for a while ,
the first thing I noticed was your smile ,
you stood there so small ,
lookin up to me so tall ,
the things you said ,
ill rememeber till im dead ,
I hardley slept that night ,
wishing you were the pillow I was holdingso tight ,
like a puupy id follow you around ,
bars full of noise yet your voice was the only sound ,
we became close friends ,
I hope never ends ,
we sang together ,
I wanted it to last forever ,
I loved you so ,
but sadly you had to go ,
I was never your cup of tea ,
sadly mine you shall never be ,
but in my heart you shall always have a place ,
and I smile whenever I see your face ,
Ive loved you for years since first we met ,
and my love for you I shall never forget

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About The Author
Simon Cowell
About This Story
24 Apr, 2014

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