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Stranger Walking By

Stranger Walking By

By mindful_ideas

How did it feel, when you first saw me? Was it like a cliche love movie, or was it like seeing another stranger walking by? Well, of course it was none of that for me, how could you think of something like that? No, for me, it was like looking at somebody I knew my whole life. I knew nothing about them but at the same time I couldn't stop feeling like, we already met. I was wrong though, about absolutely everything, wasn't I? Oh gosh, how could a tiny fourth grader ever possibly think someone as popular as you, would like someone as bizarre as her. That's the strange thing though, you did. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but then, I couldn't notice how dull such blue eyes could be. They say love is blind, but I believe infatuation can be just as blinding. Oh and poor me, how could I know all the trouble you would cause? For years I dreamed you'd be mine, but did I once dream you'd stop crushing me? One day you left, convinced you'd taken my fragile heart, but the priceless item was already in pieces.  How pitiful right? Not quite, no, I did not grow depressed from your absence. I grew isolated by the absence of everything else. Once again you were not satisfied, so welcome my friend, and cut me again. 
How does it feel, when you see me now? Is it like a cliche tragedy, or is it like seeing another stranger walking by? Now, young sir, you have become a stranger to me, but one thing, I can count on for sure; I'm over you, and you're not over me. I wish you luck for the many years to come. Now, I would never wish you'd feel, what I've felt, but I pray, dear God. That one day, I'd see those dull blue eyes saying, "I'm sorry." 

Author Notes: Written, Created, and Edited by Danielle Swank

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13 Sep, 2015
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1 min
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