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I woke up after some dream I barely remember, something about a.. well I don't know but I do know I couldn't move. It was dark, the kind of dark you get after going inside after you were outside for a while, and I could barely see. My eyelids felt heavy and when I tried to move them I couldn't. Now when I think about it, everything felt heavy, as if I was underwater. My heart was beating frantically, my head felt hot and the heat traveled to my feet. "Why can't I move, why can't I move, why can't I move?!" I tried to talk, I don't know if it was in my head or not. "Wait did something just move! Ohhh my god.. am I dead? I don't want to be dead! No, not yet! Maybe I'm not dead, calm down... deep breaths, deep relaxing breaths... theres something in the closet. Oh my god there's something in the closet. Its official, I'm dead, if I'm not I'm about to be! I'm going to puke-" I tried to jerk my body left, right, no luck. I was staring at the fan on the top of the ceiling, my eyes wouldn't move either. I imagned what I must look like on the outside. Silent, pale, dead. I tried talking to myself again because at that moment the walls were closing in on me. "What's happening to me?!" Everything was twisting, and turning purple and green. "Breath! It's ok (It's not ok) yes it... it is, just breath. Oh my god I can't breath. Somebody help me! Help me! Please..." I grasped my throat. I grasped my throat! I can move!!! Thank god. Wait... I could still be dead. I don't know what its like, I've never died before. Wow, my throat feels like sandpaper...

I got up and looked around. "Everything looks the same." I thought. Where's my phone? Scanning the room I spotted my bejeweled phone case sparkling in the darkness underneath my bed, where it must have fallen. Picking it up, I looked at the time. The light emitting from the phone burned my eyes, making me subconsiously cover it up with my hand. "5:43! It's almost time for school! But there might not be school in the afterlife! I entered in my passcode and went straight to messages. "Everything looks the same, I think." It doesn't look li- like I'm dead! I turned on the light to have a good look at myself. I ran my hand through my hair and smiled, maybe a little too much. I'm still me! I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. I collapsed on my bed, wondering if that was all a silly dream I had (or a nightmare). Only another hour until school, I could still sleep, not sure I want to after that though. Oh jeez! I still have school! Ughhh... what a nightmare..

Author Notes: This is called sleep paralysis, and it occurs when part of the brain is awake, but the parts controlling your body are still asleep—so when you try to move, you’re unable to for several seconds or even a few minutes. Episodes can be broken by either waking up fully or falling back to sleep. Either way, it can be extremely frightening.

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16 Apr, 2021
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