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Stuck in a Pot
Stuck in a Pot
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Stuck in a Pot


1.My brother was stuck in a pot. No, I didn’t do it. Why would I put my own, very annoying, disgusting little brother inside a long-necked big-bellied pot?

2.I watched him struggle, wait, no I didn’t. I didn’t watch my brother struggle as his head was stuck outside of the long-necked part of the pot and the rest of him stuc inside of the big-bellied part of the pot. Why would I watch my brother struggle inside a pot?

3.My brother was screaming at me to help him. Actually, he wasn’t. Why would he scream at me to help him when he’s stuck in a pot, I’m watching him struggle, and a big monster is coming to eat him?

4. I created this monster. I mean, maybe? Why would I ever, ever, create a monster to eat my annoying, disgusting, ignorant little brother who’s stuck in a pot while he’s screaming at me to help while I watched?

5.Let’s say I did do all that. But why would anyone (especially me, a so very sensible person) do all this just to watch their little brother suffer? Beats me, because I didn’t do anything…

6. Fine, let’s face it. I did all that. But I didn’t do it on purpose. Why would I do anything this horrible to my annoying, disgusting, ignorant, arrogant little brother on purpose just to be horrible?

7. No seriously, I didn’t. It was all a dream.

Author Notes: Maybe?


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8 Dec, 2018
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1 min
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