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Student Council

Student Council

By Tinymonster123 - 1 Review

Chapter One


One day on a small farm there was a girl and she has always wanted to go to the best high school known to the small town but the high school had a dark secret. There is a student council full of demons and the demons have set their sights on the girl because she has potential to help them complete their task on Earth. Which was to find a pure high school and one of them had to fall in love with the person but if the person gets hurt due to the demons stupidity then the demon will be killed along with the girl.

It was opening night for the high school and Mei was a few minutes late due to the bus being delayed because an old woman had gotten hurt. Mei rushed through the doors of the gym to find the gym filled with people in very nice clothes but she looked down at her skinny jeans and blue shirt. ‘I’m out of my element,’ She thought to herself and that's when she saw Jason the head of the student council. He was 6’2 with dirty blonde hair along with a black pair of glasses that she had to admit looked amazing on him but most importantly he was wearing a suit for this event. He caught her puzzled look and he walked over which scared her because she thought he was going to yell at her for not wearing fancy clothes like the rest of the people. She was forced to look up at him due to her 5 foot stature. She takes a deep breath then she whispers “How can I help you?” she asked in a polite tone that didn’t hint that she was scared of him just yelling at her for not dressing like the others but to her these were her nicer clothes that she had. Nice clothes were rare in the small town she lived in and that was the hard fact.

Jason looks down at her with a crooked smile that would make anyone drool but she just stared at him with a blank look not understanding why he was looking at her like that. “Excuse me miss. Why are you here exactly? You seem really out of your element here. Let’s get you a uniform for the school and I have a question to ask you if you are going to be part of the school.” He said almost with a hidden meaning as to why he asked this of her. He was extremely good looking and that scared her because he of all people approached her.

She straightened up quickly and she takes a deep breath almost trying to prepare herself for what she was about to say but frankly his manor of speaking was odd especially for this time let alone this place but she hasn’t been many places so she thought this might be normal for his upper class family but he looked older than her but

Chapter 2


Jason opened the door to the student council room and it was nothing like anyone would have expected. It was a wide open library with a lot of books, staircases on either side of the door once you walked in and windows that allowed some light to come into the library. There was a table in the center of the place. Three guys were giants might have just been the height compared to her. “I am going to attend this school and I would greatly appreciate having the school’s uniform. I’m here because of my grades. I got into the school free which I’ve heard is extremely rare but I’m glad I got in. So, what’s your question?” she asked and the curiosity was evident in her tone and the look on her face. She shakes her head slightly but that’s when Jason’s shorter friend walks over then smiles down at her. The boy only appeared to be about 5’11 but no taller and he had white hair but it appeared to be dyed but she couldn’t tell exactly so she stares at them with almost a blank look. The white haired boy bows and smiles at her after he stood up “Good afternoon miss. My name is Tyler. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Is Jason going to show you around our wonderful school?” He asked and he was really curious because she was really cute and small. He found that super adorable but he also knew that she was the girl who would help them complete their task on earth but it would be difficult if one of them fell in love with her.

The room was full of chairs and elegant people sitting in said chairs while the principle spoke about the school along with all the awards they have received due to the students but most of all they spoke about the things that the school provided for their students but Jason tapped Mei on her shoulder. As she turned around to face him he was bent down face level and she knew that had to be hard since she was only 5’0 feet tall. She blushed bright red and he smiled crookedly once more then pulls her close but as he did she put her hands on his stomach “Mei, let’s get that uniform. Mind if I carry you?” He didn’t even wait for her reply and he scooped her up then smiles at her as he walks into the building then up the stairs where he headed towards the library purely for the student council to hang and that’s where they always were during the day. There were five student council members and Jason was the leader but Tyler was like his right hand man.


Three guys sat at the table and two were playing chess while the other one watched the two with little to no interest. Jason guided her into the room and looked at the three men sitting at the table but as soon as he walked towards the head of the table they stopped what they were doing and Mei was following behind him slowly but they stared at her like she was wearing something weird… It freaked her out but one of the guys caught her attention and that was Mikyla. He had tattoos, messy hair, rough around the edges look and bandages on his hands like he had gotten into a fight a bit before her arrival.

Mikyla stood up and he was much taller than Jason but maybe four inches so he would be 6’6 yet that was extremely tall at least to her. Most men that Mei has seen were on the shorter side of everything but she was really short and the men were usually only a little bit taller than her. The height of these guys surprised her by a lot considering she wasn’t use to this type of thing but when would someone get use to it. She looks around the room and she gets tackled by a dog. It stands over her and licks her on the face which she was surprised then she sits up. The dog sits down and she pets the dog and it puts a paw on her shoulder then it’s head on her other shoulder almost hugging her. The five men started at her in disbelief. Jason mumbled something to Mikyla then to Tyler who just laughed till he couldn’t breath. Mei watched them but she stands up after moment really confused as to what they found funny and she wipes her face off.


She didn’t know what was going on when Tyler walked over then his arms wrapped around me then before she could react he had scooped her up in his arms. He looked around the table almost trying to gauge the reactions but the only one who seemed to be upset was Mikyla who clenched his jaw and looked incredibly angry for a moment but she didn’t know why because they had just met. Mikyla had a tattoo that was exposed on his neck that she couldn’t really tell what it was but she did know that she wanted to get to know him. She felt drawn to him and she also got the feeling that he was a bad boy and the better choice would be Jason who seemed like the perfect choice in every way. He was already nice and caring to her but she couldn’t deny the feeling of being drawn to him. She didn’t understand why he was staring at Tyler as he held her close so he didn’t drop her or was it just a taunt meant for Mikyla. She taps Tyler’s chest and he sits her on her feet then she takes a deep breath “I better get home before someone thinks I ran away from home but what time should I arrive here in the morning?” She asked.

Mikyla looks at her and he had a lip ring that he was nibbling at it and that made her bite her lip “I’m Mikyla by the way. You should arrive at the school around 7:30. I’ll be at the gates waiting for you and I’ll show you around. When we aren’t doing things then we go to our regular classes but it tends to attract the unwanted attention from the students. I guess you’re tired. Would you like a ride home, Mei?”

‘How does he know my name?’ she thought to herself and she tried not to focus to hard on the fact that he knew her name and she hadn’t even introduced herself. “Okay, I don’t need a ride though. I’ll get here at 7 o’clock just so I can find a place for myself to hide away for lunch.” she said and she knew that might raise suspicions because only farmers or poor people lived that far out of the time. She declined the ride because she didn’t want them to find out about her living conditions and how many jobs her mom works to keep her and her older brother a float. She looks at Jason who looked at her with a confused look and she knew it meant she would have to explain where she lived to them all which would be hard considering she got into this school because of the test and she got a scholarship. She sighed softly then she looks at him with a small smile “I’ll see you guys later! Thanks for the offer but I need to get home. My big brother will start to worry about me if I don’t get home soon.”

Jason hands her the school uniform and he smiles at her kindly “Where does your brother go to school?” He asked he was really curious about this older brother because there wasn’t a new guy in the school so he figured they were in college which was on the other end of the city which was a wonderful school to go to but he wondered if they had the funds for it. He observed Mei’s appearance and the tired look in her eyes. He figured that she worked one and maybe even two jobs to help pay the bills but he didn’t see her mom come to this event so he figured her mom was working tonight or Mei didn’t want her mom to come so she could rest for the night and not have to worry about this. He found it to be a very sweet action which he also didn’t know why she didn’t act right. She kept her distance but when Tyler hugged her she embraced him tightly He pushed it to the back of his mind.

Mikyla looked at Mei with almost a sad look as she turned him down but he sighed softly “May I at least walk you out, Mei?” He takes her hand not giving her time to speak and he…


Chapter 3

He takes her hand not giving her time to speak and he just walked out of the library then down the stairs keeping a slow pace so she could keep up with him but he looked at her occasionally then he stops by the doors to the exit. He turns around then grabs Mei’s hand keeping her from going out of the school. “Mei, please allow me to drive you home? That wasn’t exactly a question but a demand… I won’t judge where you live. I just want to take you home and make sure you’re safe,” Mikyla almost pleaded her but he moves away from her knowing that had to scare her. Today he felt a higher presence of evil. Even demons had enemies and those were the fallen angels who loved to hurt the demons and vice versa. The fallen angels had a king and his name is Jackson but Jackson and Mikyla use to be friends but they had a falling out. Mikyla was concerned that Jackson might come to take Mei away from him and Mikyla wasn’t going to allow a fallen angel to take his loved one. He would do anything to keep her safe then he takes a deep breath “I’m very sorry for being pushy but you must understand that there is bad in this world and some bad people aren’t friends with me anymore so if anybody approaches you that you aren’t sure about then run. They might even ask if you know me but if they ask then say no and go about whatever you were doing. If they stop you then scream as loud as you possibly can. I will rescue you if I’m near. But more on that, we shouldn’t be friends and you should stay away from me because I’m no good for you. Do you understand what I’m saying Mei?” He asked in a stern tone and a serious look that meant he was telling the truth and he would do anything for her even if it meant dying for the young woman but most of all he would tell her how he felt when it’s been a long enough period for her to fall for him.

Mei looked at him and she listened to every single word he spoke carefully but she looks at him carefully but that's when she heard her brother’s car. She knew she should leave or he would come in and forbid her to be around Mikyla. She knew he was something more than human at this point but she nods frantically “I understand but the friend part. I want to be your friend and I don't care if it gets me into trouble because I think you’re a cool person plus you seem really sweet.” She commented then she walks outside and she goes to the car then her brother gets out.

Her brother, Shawn, looked at her carefully then looked inside “You need to go to school somewhere else baby sis. This place gives me a bad vibe and I don’t want you to get hurt. I trust that you will be following all our families precautions like normal. Lets go mini Mei.” The nickname he had given her was so stupid but she never protested because it was special to him and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings which she rarely did but now that he was dating his snobby girlfriend they haven’t been on wonderful terms. Shawn knew she hated his girlfriend but he didn’t care but what Shawn didn’t know was that his girlfriend was a bully towards her which tormented her and would hit her on occasion or push her down the stairs every now and then. His girlfriend always pretended to be very kind and nice but she saw through the perfect girl disguise and she even thought that his girlfriend hit him because he would have bruises on his cheeks. Whenever she asked about them he lied which bugged her a lot but when she confronted his girlfriend she denied everything.

Once they arrived home to their two story home that was small but big enough for Mei and her mom to live since Shawn moved out today so it would be easier on them but the bills would still be hard to pay which they all usually had jobs but Mei had multiple jobs. It never bothered her that she had so many jobs but that was to help with the bills. She was getting sick from overworking herself but she knew it was just a cold along with a fever but nothing to bad which wouldn’t stop her from working. She’s worked through way worse but she figured this might be worse than normal because she hasn’t been relaxing or getting much sleep but she never told her mom that because then her mom would be very worried about her and make her quit a job. She may only be 16 years old but she wasn’t going to allow her mom to work herself to death to pay for the bills. She had work tomorrow night but for now she did the chores around the house and she went to bed around twelve but she had to change her uniform over to the dryer but she didn’t till one in the morning which was odd considering she was suppose to be asleep. She couldn’t sleep so she stayed up and watched some stupid show on tv.


Around six, Mei gets out of bed then does everything she needed to do in the bathroom before she goes to the laundry room and puts on the uniform. It was a really nice outfit and she headed out the door after grabbing her phone and wallet. She left and she had the keys to her brother’s car that he had bought for them but he was distancing himself from them but he seemed really upset about something last night and she figured he caught her walking outside with Mikyla. She takes a deep breath as she wondered what he was mad about because she hasn’t done anything that was worth worrying about. It drove her crazy when her brother worried so much and she figured her brother was just being protective.

When she reached town she pulled into the school’s parking lot a few minutes before seven and she checked her duffle bag in the back to make sure it had her outfit for work since she worked at a little cafe on the outskirts of the city which was far from the school which could become a problem because she’ll have to get more gas more often but she figured that she should at least walk to the outskirts of town. She gets out with her backpack and she puts her earbuds in then she turns on a random song as she walks to the gates of the school to head inside but she didn’t expect Mikyla to just drop down in front of her. She stumbles backwards and she was about to fall but she felt an arm wrap around her waist then pull her up “Klutz.” said Mikyla which made Mei mad because the only reason she stumbled was because Mikyla plopped down in front of her which frustrated her.

“I’m not a klutz! You scared me!” Mei protested and she watches Mikyla take one of her earbuds then put it in his ear “What are you doing?” She asked him purely interested in what this guy was doing but most of all why he scared her to death. It wasn’t a very pleasant thing to do to someone but she figured he wasn’t all that pleasant of a person. She smiles at him trying to be kind to him but she notices the bandages a fresh again but she looks at him with a confused looked “Did you get into a fight with someone?” she asks another question hoping she wasn’t bothering him too much with questions. She looks up at him and she cursed her stupid height but she figured it was unavoidable.

Mikyla laughed at her sudden burst of anger which he thought was absolutely adorable and he would have to make her angry more often. “Definitely a klutz. I was waiting on you because I said I’d show you around. I was being a gentlemen in the fact that you didn’t have to wait for me babe.” He said trying to make her mad but her question about the fight worried him because she saw the things that others didn’t see but he liked that but he also knew it would get hard because his true side could come out and scare her off so he wasn’t going to give into being close to her. He was going to have to be strong about this and he sighs softly “I have detention so Tyler will show you around the school so be good for him. If you aren’t then I’ll show you what happens when people get in trouble here at this school and when you are part of the student council.” He threatened with a mischievous look in his eyes


Mei looked at him and said…



“I’ll be good for Tyler, I promise Mikyla. Please, don’t get into anymore fights so we can actually talk in the morning.” Mei looked at him like he’s lost it considering all he does is get into fights which is all she’s seen from him which scares her but she has this weird craving to be around him. She takes a deep breath as she wonders what he was going to do if she wasn’t good and she sighs as she spots Tyler who is walking towards them after getting out of a red sports car. ‘So flashy… Geez, these rich people are so dang odd….’ She thought to herself and she felt a hand on her shoulder after a moment but she looked at Mikyla who was clenching his jaw.


Mikyla looks at him with a smile but his jaw clenched hard and this was what he didn’t want. He wanted Mei to only fall for him but he refused to get her hurt and he realized what a selfish creature he is which was an awful thing about him being a demon but not only that but the son of the devil. He looked at him with a smirk “Keep her safe. I have detention this morning so don’t come around the detention area. She’s so cute that I’m scared that the guys will try to take advantage of the poor girl.” He said with a serious tone and he thought this through but he seriously debated just skipping the detention to spend time with Mei instead of but heads with delinquents. Which tended to be his favorite thing but now that Mei is at the school he didn’t want to be like that and get Mei involved with the people that absolutely hated him. He thought about everything that could possibly go wrong while he wasn’t around her which made him start to stress out but he couldn’t skip because he would get suspended. He also knew that people would get the wrong idea if he randomly started to hang out with the new girl which would make people wonder which wouldn’t be good for Mei let alone him because his father wouldn’t allow him to date a human let alone the one that is suppose to set all the demons free to go back to their original home which is hard because no one wants to go back due to a demon finding their soulmate which could end badly for a lot of people.


Of course, Mei being Mei she locked arms with Tyler as he took the lead but she did that mainly because she knew he had a longer stride than her and this was the only way to make him stay at the same pace as her. Which was odd considering he was only 11 inches taller than her which is awful for her. She sighs softly and then the worst thing that could happen to her happened… Her stomach growled really loudly which was bad because Mikyla stared at her like she needed to eat immediately and Mei looks at him “I’ll eat something later. I want to explore and I bet Tyler will get me something to eat very soon. I promise I’ll eat.” She says softly hoping he would be okay with that but she saw the look in his eyes “Mikyla get to detention before you get in trouble because of me. Bye-Bye!” She waves as he walks away but he smiled a wonderful smile that explained how he felt which was amazing for her which was also awful because she didn’t like the thought of him leaving and they just met yesterday. It was a rough thing to deal with because she knew he was trouble and he wasn’t any good for her. She wanted to be his friend but he said they shouldn’t be friends and she understood why but she didn’t care at all.

Tyler starts to walk happily with his arm locked with Mei’s arm and that was the funny part because she was the funny part because she was so much shorter than him but he starts to walk towards what seemed to be a dinning hall which amazed her because it was set up like any other high school’s lunch room. Many tables but there were chandeliers that lit up the room which amazed her because she’s never seen anything like this. He started to talk about the school’s history which was awfully long and he looks down at a now bored Mei but she smiled and acted like she was interested in what he had to say about the history of the school.


To her the school was huge and once they had looked around the whole school it was almost lunch so Tyler let Mei lead the way to the cafeteria which she found rather quickly but then again the poor girl was really hungry. For her size she ate a lot of food.

Tyler then lead her over to a table where Jason, Mikyla and two others sat. There was a spot open by Mikyla so Mei sat down beside him and she takes a deep breath. She didn’t have any money for lunch today mainly because she hasn’t gotten paid for the week yet so she didn’t ask her mom for money because they didn’t have a lot of money the way it was. She looks around the table spotting the worried looks from the men at the table but she felt glares directed towards her and she was thoroughly confused by the glares she was receiving by these people which made her wonder if something was messed up about her appearance.

As lunch came to an end, Mikyla stood up from his seat and grabbed Mei by the arm then pulled her out of her seat. He drags her out of the lunch room then to the roof where he pulled her close and her face hit his chest not that hard but his chest was solid so it did hurt. “Mikyla, why did you bring me up here?” She asked him in a confused tone as she stood in the cool air of mid day. The sun wasn’t visible due to the clouds being a dark grey like it was going to rain and a strike of lightning could be heard in the distance which was kind of nerve wracking for Mei. Mei had a huge fear of lightning and thunder since she was a child. Her father died when she was a child. Her mother wasn’t really ever around because she worked so much and her brother left when she was younger because he was studying to be a priest.


Mikyla looked at her and he had a frustrated look on his face as he looked down on Mei who was just standing there wondering if he was going to allow her to leave any time soon which probably wouldn’t happen. “I need to tell you something and you have to listen to me or else things will happen to both of us. It will apply to both of us..”

Mei looks up at Mikyla with fear in her eyes and she takes a deep breath “W-What do you mean by that?” She asks softly after a moment feeling a little confused and she looks around the roof a little scared as to why he was acting like this. She looks over the edge of the roof and she moves towards Mikyla a little scared of what he is thinking about in this moment.

Mikyla looks at her for a moment seeing the fear in her eyes and he was a little confused as it started to pour. The thunder rolled and Mei jumped but she nearly screamed “Mei… Are you scared of thunderstorms?” He asked her softly as he pulled her into a hug almost like he was trying to protect her in anyway possible.

“Y-Yes..” Mei stuttered and she looks up at him for a moment

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