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Sub-Harmonia Pt.2

Sub-Harmonia Pt.2

By digitalman78

Blossom was starting to like her adopted surface home of Altitude. Meanwhile in Sub-Harmonia, King Victory wondered where his daughter Blossom went, until when one of soldiers saw her on land. "What's this, she's on the surface! How so?" he said. "I may know the answer" Courageous said. "A mer-man named Dr. Research Alan had the solution" he said. "A vital potion that can turn her tail into human legs so she can walk on the surface". So they started to seek the well-known Dr. Research Alan in his lab around Sub-Harmonia. "Well hello, your highness" Research said. "What can do for you all today?" "My daughter Blossom, the red-headed one, how much of the serum you gave her?" he asked.

"A small portion of it, your kingship" he replied. "She wanted to be human and walk on the surface like the surface walkers. But I have bad news. The potion lasts until sundown then she will grow back her tail and need water to survive". "We must go get her" Victory said. "I would like to go get her" Courageous said. "It's my fault this tragedy is happening, so it's my responsibility." "Fine, I hold my daughter's safety in your hands" he said. "No problem, my king". With that, Courageous got a vital bottle of the potion that turn his fin into human legs as he approached the surface. "Be warned, you and Blossom must come in the water by sundown, or you both are doomed". As King Victory and the other Sub-Harmonians granted him luck, he swam towards the surface.

"Well, here goes nothing" he said and he started to take the potion, making his tail become legs and seaweed leaves covering his front as he walked on land. In Altitude, Blossom had changed her clothing to wear pants and servant girl outfit as she walks towards the castle of King Valor and Queen Bliss. As she approached the gate, guards greeted her. "Stop fair lady, you have appointment to see the king?" one of guardsmen said. "No not really, you see I'm starving and need a place to stay in the city" Blossom replied. "What's going on out here?" King Valor said. "This young lady wants to stay with us" the guard said. "Of course you can stay with us" the king said. "Stay as long as you like, you have a family?" "My family is elsewhere" Blossom said, not revealing her real home. "House maids, show Blossom here her sleeping quarters" the king said.

With that, the house maid showed her to her sleeping quarters with food such as pastry and fruit. "Why thank you" she said. At sunset, Blossom started to feel strange because her legs are starting to turn back to a fish tail. So she went into a large pail of water temporarily. "I must get back to the Triumph sea, if I don't, I'll die on land" she said. She escaped through the window, climbing down on a rope to ground and heading towards Triumph Sea, hitching a ride on a flying carriage. Meanwhile in Sub-Harmonia, a threat loomed by an evil sea sorcerer named Illusion. "Sub-Harmonians, taste my wrath of destruction" he said and him and his minions attacked the Harmonians. Many lives were lost as they were unprepared for this war and the city was half destroyed. "May darkness fall on Sub-Harmonia" Illusion said as he turned the sea pitch black as the people suffocated to death.

"We need Courageous back" the King said. "Why don't I get him?" Gloria said, a fair haired blond mermaid. "OK, get going, here's a bottle of the serum to turn your tail into legs as you approach the surface" he said. Without haste she swam hitching a ride with a dolphin. As Courageous walked on land through a forest near Altitude, what obstacles he'll face finding Blossom or will the evil power of Illusion wipe out the Sub-Harmonian race forever?

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24 Nov, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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