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I'm met with a strong embrace

Like the bone-crushing hug you get from someone you haven't seen in years

Except it isn't arms wrapping around me in a comforting show of affection

It isn't someone telling me how much they've missed me while we let go of the tears that we've been holding back

It doesn't hold the same emotions as a long awaited hug

And yet it still brings me comfort

The silence is deafening as I let the current gently rock my body

I let myself drift down, enjoying the feeling of being weightless in the water

I feel my chest tighten as the last of my breath bubbles up to the surface

I hear muffled shouting but make no attempt to listen

I'd rather block them out and relish in the last sliver of relaxation I'll ever get

I watch the boat fade out of my view as I shut my eyes for the last time

The feeling of peace washes over me as I surrender myself to the ocean

But then the peace is disrupted

I curse the arms that wrap around my limp body

I detest the feeling of being lifted up

I hate when I'm pulled out of the water

I want the nice feeling back

I wish to be submerged

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19 Jan, 2023
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1 min
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