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Subtle Yet so Impactive

Subtle Yet so Impactive

By pwrgirll - 1 Review

*Tssssssss* thump...thump...thump...thump... whooooshhh...
She sits in the room, the papers torn, her spine poking through.
The curtains dance under the moonlight. Where'd everyone go?
She's puzzled i'm so sure and her eyes can't see, the old musky walls, the great irony. She thinks of him, and what he might do, and how the stories might actually true.
The young age of 17, she's gone insane. Her pupils turn foggy, she can't use her brain. Balled up in a corner, her legs bent the wrong way. Her hair caked to her head, maggots and goo crawl. She thinks he tried to kill her, in her mind it's true.
But in all life's reality... it's her that's killing you. The walls are streaked with red and the thumps come from her head against the wall. The knife lays flat and shakes, each moment the wall quakes. The chandelier is half broken, her dead friends were half baked. All was fun and drugs were cool, but then she snapped, yes, everyone's fool.
The shrieks of laughter turn to screams and reality becomes a dream. But not a dream, a nightmare with the dagger shooting towards his chest. His beating heart, a love for her, well all of that is put to rest. Her sister Sadie split in two, intestines ripe, blood thick like glue. The light turns dark, the electricity sparks, and she can only hear her beating heart.
The wind chimes blow, the lights are low, her pulse is slow, and so is time. The music stops, on her heels she rocks. *Tssssssss* thump...thump...thump...thump... whooooshhh...

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26 Apr, 2011
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1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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