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Success covers every detail of hard-to-manage challenges. One has to tread on a bumpy road of strife before arriving at a certain destination. One has to ride on a roller coaster before getting to the top. One has to take numerous steps of the stairs before reaching the last step. One has to cross the steep bridge before landing the opposite site. One has to exert a much needed effort before having a fit and healthy body. One has to pass all the difficult tests before achieving high and good grades. One has to be determined to win a game. And one has to surpass all these circumstance before reaching the peak of SUCCESS.

Being successful is not just a piece of a cake- that in just a glimpse pf an eye, you'll become a billionaire; that in just a whisper of a wish, you'll become a royal prince or princess; that in just a tick of the clock. you'll become a a famous star; or in just a moment of waking up, you'll become a successful individual. NO! Success is a step by step process. It's like planting a tree that takes every second, minute, hourm day, month and year to grow. In order for it to mature and develop, it must regularly watered with determination, cultivated with perseverance, nurtured with hard work, and fertilized with faith in God and trust with oneself.

To sum it up, success is a long road to travel. One must keep moving for it has no shortcuts. And it will will be more fulfilling if one walks for it rather than riding on a bus.

Author Notes: Everyone has the chance to be successful. All we need is to follow our hearts and the right path. :)

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13 Jul, 2019
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