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A Successful Man In the Dominican Rep
A Successful Man In the Dominican Rep

A Successful Man In the Dominican Rep

papin49Roberto Perez

A Successful Man In the Dominican Rep.

since he was a very extroverted boy and sociable – at a very early age, he used to talk about what he pretended to accomplish when he grow up in the big city. But his family laugh at him because they were poor people, economically and academically – He came from a very poor countryside what made things impossible to reach for them, far from everything. He lived in the Dominican Republic, exactly In Loma de Cabrera– In 1965 he decided to go to the city to try to get a job, and at the same time to get the opportunity to enter college, to make a career. Because his family was very poor –They couldn't give him what a person at his age needed, they barely could give him food. and they got that food because they cultivated It on their farm. Nevertheless, he didn't think of any negative ideas – Instead, he kept his goal ahead whatever happened.

It was not easy at all for him to reach his goal, he had to overcome a lot of adversity. For instance, his mother died just exactly the week he was supposed to leave the house; everybody knows what that kind of situation means. when everything was gone – he kept the idea of going ahead with his plan. Then he needed money to go ahead with that because the money he got first, was spent on his mother burial – So, he had to make charcoal which meant almost an extra week of working hard, that was only to gather the necessary wood to produce approximately the amount of money he needed – After that, he has to organize the woods In a rational way that only an expert like him could do because woods must be stacked one stick after other, In the same order. For instance, a thin stick was pretty good to be used as a filler between the bigger pole, In order, they could get fired uniformly.

Once he has the final woods frame ready, then It has to be all covered totally with grass and soil leaving an open area to set It on fire. In the end, If every stick got fired In the right way, then he would get the final product to be sold. And that way he could get the money for his journey. Then he went to the city where a friend of mine would be waiting. But nobody was there. So, he had to go to a church to ask for a chance to a sleepover for that night. The next day, his friend appeared as if nothing would happen but he received him.

He started working at the end of that year. But, he couldn't enter any college. So he kept working till next year when he would have the opportunity to be ready to enter college.

Once at the university, he made his best to be an outstanding student, and he got It. After obtaining all the success that he had imagined, he noticed that the name "work" doesn’t discriminate, all kind of work has Its effort. So, people If you are going to work don’t think that work can be executed by you, while you are sleeping; It must be done through hard work and paying attention to every single detail, all the time.

Finally, he got all the goals he had intended to get when in the countryside. More than that, he Is the most prominent and wealthy person In Loma de Cabrera. He Is not only Important economically but helping others to understand the real secret behind a prominent and talented person. Every job has to be executed with a lot of responsibility, organization, and planning. More than that, having a lot of patience with coworkers.

Author Notes: To be a prominent person demands a lot of responsibilities.

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Roberto Perez
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14 Jan, 2019
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3 mins
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