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Suicide life

Suicide life

By Maddie

Hearing your sister screaming MOM DAD COME QUICK!! When your half dead. Being healf dead isn't fun at all.

It all started in 5th grade getting called all these disgusting words coming from kids at school half your age. I wasn't all perfect in 5th grade people just wouldnt quit calling me names. So I starved myself for like 1 week. Then everytime I ate I made myself puke cause I thought it would help. It didn't I got put in the hospital and all these pills. Then I went back to school two weeks later looking and feeling like shit. People just wouldn't stop so I moved it up one step and started cutting myself an people saw it and bullied me even more.

I moved it up to the furthest step ever! I tried hanging myself it was 1 am in the morning and my sister heard a Big Bang so she came in and saw me barely breathing so she helped me down from the rope. She was crying I was crying my parents were crying. They called the ambulance and they came and I got put in the hospital for 3 weeks. I hated it, i went back to school 4 weeks later and nobody bullied me because I almost killed myself. Everyone left me be.

So then 1 year later I got into a fist fight I lost and they broke my leg and I had to get stiches in my head. I stayed home from school and got cyber schooled cause I was scared to go to school. I didn't want anyone to bully me I cut myself for a long time the bullying stopped for now Im in 8th grade now. Nobody bother me anymore. I finally grew up and quit doing all the shit I used to do. My life is amazing. I stick up for myself and don't let anyone get to me. Don't do anything stupid like me. I hope this told you something.!

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5 Oct, 2013
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