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By 1999 - 1 Review

"Today, we all are mourning the loss of our sister, daughter and for me my greatest friend..."
A tear slid down her cheek as Penny spoke those words. Never in a million years did she think that she was going to have to say goodbye to her beloved friend.
"I have know Alice for 16 years, and that's practically my entire life, we knew everything about each other and we were practically sisters. And to know that I could have prevented her death is heart breaking. To know that if I had just stayed with her to have prevented it is just..."
I broke down into tears but continued to speak
"I want to tell u all something! She did not die by an accident it was because she was heart token. It was a suicide!"
"Alice had a boyfriend who broke her heart! She began cutting herself and crying herself to sleep at night.
Only a few. Weeks later did one of her best friend go behind Alice's back and go out with him...Alice began to cut herself"
I paused for a second to suppress a sob.
"And to rub in Alice's face she invited Alice other birthday as well as Alice's ex!
This girl kissed him in front of Alice!!
She was literally destroyed, she ran into the bathroom and lock her self in the bathroom until the party was over.
When she went home she threw. Herself in front of a car but she didn't die... She was taken to a hospital and treated for several broken bones.
But even when she had those I juries she continued to cut herself but deeper.
When she got her cast removed and her bone all healed she began to suffer from depression.
I began to notice lots and lots of cuts and scars i her wrist, waist and ankles.
Her parents noticed her depression too and took her to a therapist.
She got some pills for her depression. It was only a few days later that she told me about it and I cried, she cried with me. I told her to stop I begged her for my sake to not attempt suicide and told her that I would always be their for her. And she believed me but the we started to see the couple that had cause Alice's anxiety and depression, soon enough Alice got worst.

One night though I slept over at Alice's place, I had left the room o get some lollies. Alice thought that if she took more antidepressants then She would feel better.

After a while we fell asleep...

I woke up early in the morning, it was 5am but I decided to got back to sleep

10am was the time that I woke up, I went over to Alice, to try and wake her up but she just kept sleeping so I tried tugging her and noticed that she was cold, I felt for her. Pulse to see if she was alright but their was no pulse. I began to panic. I ran down stairs to see if her parent were there but they had left a note saying that they had gone shopping. Alice's sister was at her friends house so I ran it up stairs.i tried to feel for her pulse but there was nothing again, I tried CPR but she didn't responed, I grabbed my phone and called 911.

When the paramedics arrived the found us in Alice's room, she was lying n my arms, I was crying and when they told me to let go I wouldn't, we just remained their for 5 hours until I fainted.
I woke up in a hospital bed and remembered what happened, I cried so much."
I wiped my eyes.
"So hear we r today and with out Alice..."
"When we where 12 we both made a promise to each other that we'd stay together for ever but she is go e and so to for fill this promise my life should end as well so today I say fair well."
I looked over to Daniel and Macy"I hope u two r happy"

I pulled out a gun and as I aim it at my head I looked over to where Alice's lifeless body laid.
"Guess I'll see u soon Alice..."
A tear slid down my cheek as I closed my eyes.
I pulled the trigger....

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13 Jan, 2013
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