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Sukoshi kimyō mikisan (Strange Little Miki)

Sukoshi kimyō mikisan (Strange Little Miki)

By xXPontaXx

There was a large crashing sound in the kitchen. Miki had done it again. She had tried to reach the pots by poking at them with a broom. "Miki!!" shouted Miki's roomate, Sakuya who ran into the kitchen to see had had happened....again. " I told you if you need any help getting anything down from high places, just ask me!" "I'm sorry..." Miki pouted as Sakuya helped her up. She hated getting Scolded. "you could've been hurt that's all". Sakuya sighed. Later after dinner Miki was studying for her Physics test that was coming up the next day. "Ohhhhhh Miiiiiiikkiiiiiiiiii........" came a distrubing voice from behind her door. "Go away Yuzuyu" Miki snapped. before she had time to duck,Yuzuyu leapt out from behind the door, tackling Miki to the ground. "How's my favourite little munchkin?" She teased "Stop calling me that!" Miki snapped again. Yuzuyu & Miki knew eachother since kindergarten. Hey Miki....Miki.....HEY MIKI!!" Yuzuyu teased. "WHAT?!?" Miki screamed back. "Potato Carrot!" Yuzuyu Laughed. Miki laughed too. "Shut up the both of you!! Aren't you meant to be studying for that test you didn't study for Miki?!?" Sakuya screamed while throwing pillows at them before storming off back to his room. Miki & Yuzuyu laughed. At noon the next day, Miki was sitting on a park bench with a depressing look on her face. Miki failed her Physics exam. She spent the previous night laughed & watching movies with Yuzuyu."Itold you tovstudy but nooooo you never listen to me" Sakuya scolded. THE END

(Did this short story really go anywhere? XD)

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22 May, 2011
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1 min
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